Him ~ A Dolan Twin FanFic...

its the end of graduation you and your bestfriend Amy move into a beautiful house in New jersey, you meet your neighbours and you felt an instant attraction to one of the brothers that live next door, the way he looks at you, talks to you, acts around you. You can help but swoon.


6. Breakfast...

Emily POV:

I woke up the next morning in an empty bed as usual, except i wasnt in my own room, i was in the spare. Then i remembered that Eth and Gray came round and stayed over. As i sat up i recall last nights events, then i remember Grays muscular arms around me, i started to smile like a goon, when i realise i am i begin to blush, thankful no one is here to see me. I rush my bedroom and take a brisk shower. Once i'm finished i pull on some shorts and a t shirt. I tie my hair in a messy bun on the top of my head and apply some light make up. 

Down stairs i can hear the radio in the kitchen and the smell of...PANCAKES!! My pace begins to quicken, when i reach the counter in the middle of the kitchen, my eyes widen in hunger as i see a huge stack of light fluffy pancakes in the centre. i dig in as soon as i reached the cutlery lying next to it. 

"hungry?" i heard Ethan say from across the island, laughing with Amy. "famished!" i say, after swallowing a gulp of pancakes. my eyes flicker to the other side of the kitchen to where gray was sitting. He had his phone in his hand and from what i looked like he was scrolling through twitter or something, so diverted my eyes back to the stack of heaven that was sat in front of me. In my head all i could think about was gray not saying one word to me all morning. 

By the time i have finished Amy and Ethan have left to go to the back yard again, which leaves me and gray, alone, in the kitchen. Once id placed my dish in the sink, Gray is resting on the counter, a few feet away from where i was. I didn't hear him come over so when i saw him stood there he scared me and i have to admit i screamed a little bit.

" hey." he says to me...with a huge goofy grin. "Oh hey!" i reply sitting on the worktop where the sink is placed. 

"I'm sorry i didn't speak much earlier, i kinda felt nervous to talk to you in front of them two." he responds, scratching nervously at the back of his head. i just giggled and jumped of the work surface. "its OK" i say smiling, turning on my heels to walk out to the others. but before i could carry on walking, Gray grabbed my wrist and said "Oh er, i was wondering if you wanted to catch something to eat later?"  

"what, like a date?" 

"yeah sure if you wanna, but if not i'm totally cool with just hanging out as friends..." he jabbers on. "Id love to." I say, Laughing, and continue to make my way out of the kitchen to the pool. 

My heart racing as i think about tomorrow....



I cant wait to write about the date....

ill update at 500 reads ;) 


okay..bye xx

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