Working With the Prince

Lainey Kingston in a desperate need for money takes a job at Winston's headquarters as a Entrance Secretary. Little does she know the Prince of Britain Jameson Stephenlend the 3rd just bought the company and she will get to know him a little bit more than planned.


6. Chaper 5- Mission Accomplished

Jameson's POV

Today was already a diaster, some idiot parked his car in my parking spot so I had to resort to parking in the very back of the parking lot. My expensive Land Rover was sure to be stolen by someone before I was done work.

I pulled into one of the unmarked spots, next to a vintage voltzwagon blue beetle. For a old car it was in pretty good shape, which was quite admirable.  I didn't mind a good car lover who shared similar interests with me. But I did have to admit the car was a bit Fenimore for this car loving guy.

I got out of my car, making sure to triple lock it. I went to the trunk to grab my brief case.

But I stopped misstep, when I saw the owner of the blue beetle making quite a comotion. Perhaps her parking spot was stolen to, she was much to beautiful to be parked with these low position idiots.

I watched her from the other side of my car.

"I have my own parking spot" she exclaimed jumping up and down in excitement, she even moved to take a selfie with it.

Yikes, why are the beautiful ones allways not right in the head.

When I thought it couldn't get any worse, she started to dance and why the chicken dance was included in this moment I was not sure.

She was misstep in the moon walk when I decided to stop her from embarssimg herself further.

"Is everyone this happy about a parking spot?" I asked her in astonishment.

She stopped her dancing to look over at me shyly. She did a quite long Glace over of me. I did the same to her but being a little bit less obvious.

She was tall for a woman at least five foot ten, but that wasn't a problem considering my even taller build. She had natural bouncy curly blonde hair.and very striking blue eyes, they were dark like a storm unlike the average crystal clear most of my previous girlfriends have had.

"Erm just me I guess" she finally responded looking at my other employees walking in quite casually.

She then looked at my Rover park in the unnamed parking spot, she must of been confused on why the CEO of the company had to park next to her too.

"I'm Lainey Kingston, new front desk here" she said extended her hand out for a shake.

I nodded in response to her name, I recognized it from the list earlier on which it said she got hired yesterday.  I did not offer my hand, so she dropped hers.

It is impr p er for a prince to shake hands, with random girls all the time. Espispecially ones who dance around because of a parking spot. That would not look good on the front page of a magazine. Prince Jameson of the United Kingdom has been spotted with girl who we now belive is his fiancé and they both enjoy dancing in parking lots.

I grimaced at this thpught, the press can turn one simple gets ture into so much drama and lies.

"Nice to meet you to" she said dropping her hand awkwardly snapping me out of my thoughts. Then she said "See you around unnamed parking spot" which left me in confusion."

I guess she did not know of my position at the company and especially not my title in the UK.

I watched her walk into the building, like the encount er never happened, I guess I should do the same.

I grabbed my brief case and decided I would would call the tow truck to get that stupid car out of my real parking spot. It must our taken at least an half hour till I was finally able to go into the building to start my work day.

As soon as I walked in, people stopped chat chatting, and stood around hoping not to make the wrong move.

But one person seemed obvious to all of the people around her. As I walked up to her desk She broke out into a big grin.

Hello... how are you....., I've been wondering if after all these years....." she began to to sing.

Everyone around us stared in our direction, everyone was probably wondering who would sing to the new CEO, or that she was going to be fired for sure first.

I closed more distance between her, to tell her that I was the CEO and she should act more appropriately. But she beat me to it.

"Shhh. Parking spot I think the new CEO is here so we don't want to stand out" she whispered completely utterly clueless

At this I had to smile, she honestly was the most oblivious person I had ever met.

"we wouldn't want that now would we" I said  amused with the whole situation. Not very often do I get to meet someone who doesn't know who I am, or at least a prince. I'm perfectly fine with being titled a CEO of a successful business. That was at least one thing I worked for, being prince was just given to me because my families blood runs through me.

"Now Miss Kingston can you direct me to the 20th floor the main office" I said deciding it would do her benefit knowing who here boss is.

She responded "Erm okay, so you aren't just a coffee fetcher, thats great no name"  pulling out a map of the building she looks it over for a minute before point it out.
" the elevator is 2 rights and a left and then your office is...." she stopped, a smirk grew on my face, knowing that she knew now.

"I suppose theres not any chance of you just being a coffee boy is there?" She asked with the little hope she had left.

I spoke my head no they responded  "I'll see you on the outside Miss Kingston"

I walked away, knowing the joke I just made. I didn't want her feeling to embarrassed about the situation so I thought that might cheer her up.

"Wait was that an Adele joke" she muttered with a smile forming on her face.

Mission Accomplished.

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