Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


19. Welcome home

   We walked up stairs together catching everyone eyes when we did. "Lucy your back!" They all screamed and ran to hug her. I backed up giving everyone there chance with her before I got down on one knee withe necklace in my hand. "Lucy there's something I need to ask you." She turned to face my blushing face and covered her mouth in shock. "Natsu...." I stopped her and looked up at her smiling now. "Lucy we have been through so much together and I have come to realize that now I want to always be with you. Not just as your friend but as someone who means more then that to you so that's whey I would like to know if you would be my girlfriend?" Lucy had tears in her eyes as she shook her head yes and hugged me tightly taking the box and opening it up she was looking speechless. "Natsu I love it so much." She smiled and hugged me tightly then pulled away long enough for me to put it on her before she kissed me sealing my fiat with hers for ever. I smiled happy and held her hand in mine with a warm feeling taking over me from the inside. "Oh one last present from all of us at Fairy Tail to welcome you back to the guild." I held out anther box to her and held my breath as she opened it up and once again looked speechless as she started to cry. "It's my fixed it for me." I nodded and smiled at her but then got shy and looked down. "You can't call on her still but I thought it would be nice to still have her key around at least." She nodded and hugged everyone again. "Welcome home Lucy....We really missed you a lot."

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