Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


17. Wake up

      It felt like a fog was being lifted from my eyes and I could make out at the faint sound of another person. I was no longer alone in here any more. I ran to the sound crying out to them happy to know that I was no longer alone. The more I ran the closer they seemed to feel until finally I could make out Natsu's pink spiky hair and I stopped in my tracks. I looked out at the view before me that seemed like a movie playing what was happening in the real world to me. Natsu had just said he loved me and was now kissing me. I felt my heart start to race and I started to cry happy tears cause I wasn't dead after all. "Natsu I can hear you!" I tried to call out but he didn't seem to hear me. I looked around the empty space for some sort of sign that would tell me how to wake up from this dream like world but there was nothing. I could feel all the hope I had inside of me starting to fade away. Then I remembered a fairy tail my mom would tell me when I was younger.

    "As soon as the prince kissed the princess she woke up from her sleep like death. They ran off and lived happily ever. Now isn't that nice Lucy?" I was a little girl sitting in my moms lap as she read my favorite book to me. "Mommy what if the princess didn't fall in love with a prince?" I asked her with curiosity. "Would the spell still be broken with a kiss?" My mom smiled and ruffled up my hair softly. "Of course it would still brake dear. As long as the princess loves him the spell will always brake and free her."  I smiled and hugged my mom tightly. "Then ill be sure to love my hero with all my heart so he can brake the spell if I ever get one placed on me like the other princess in the stories you read me."

     I smiled at the memory and looked back at Natsu and screamed as loud as I could with all my might. "Natsu I love you too!!!!" Then there was a flash light and soon my eye lids started to flutter. I could think at the time was. 'I did it Natsu. I helped you brake the spell just like in the fairy tails.'

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