Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


18. The Princess who fell in love with a Dragon

    I heard a noise come from Lucy and looked over to see her eyes were opened. I felt a wave of relief hit me all at once and I was just so happy in that moment to see that she was okay and back to me at last. "Lucy are you really awake?" I asked softly not sure if it really worked or not. She smiled at me and then pulled me into a hug tightly. "You saved me yet again Natsu." I hugged her back running my hand through her hair not believing she was really back. "I can't believe this happened and your really here right now." She pulled away from me and flashed her cuties smile at me and then laughed. "Come on we have to tell everyone!" I grabbed her hand and started to drag her upstairs but she stopped me. "Natsu I barley have any cloths on right now." I blushed when I finally noticed that I turned bright red and covered her with my jacket which didn't do much. "Wait down here I'll go and get you cloths from your house!" I shouted and ran out the guild before she could fight me on it. 

   I ran all the way to her house trying to think of what she would like to wear and a gift I should get her to welcome her back. I decided on getting her key fixed and getting her a necklace for a different reason. "What does Lucy like to wear any way?" I asked me self as I looked through her clothes. "I guess I should pick any thing as long as it looks nice then." I picked out a skirt and a long sleeved shirt to take to her and put them in a bag. Then I grabbed her key and left through the window. On my way back to the guild hall I got her a heart necklace and I got her key fixed. She still couldn't use it but at least now it wasn't broken in half. I smiled ran back to the guild hall ignoring everyone as I ran down the stairs to get to Lucy nearly tripping on the way down.

     I stopped to catch my breath at the bottom of the stairs and then looked around. "Lucy where are you hiding at I brought you clothes." She poped her head out at the sound of her name and waved me over to me. I walked over to her and held out the bag of clothes to her. "Just tap me or something when your dressed." She giggled but nodded and then turned me away from her as she got dressed. Once she was in her clothes she hugged me from behind softly and smiled at me when I turned around. "Okay Natsu now we can go see everyone." I smiled and took her small hand in mine holding it tight and walked up stairs to great everyone. 

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