Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


12. Out Scearts of Town

     We went out in to the fair part of town where there weren't many wizards living. Gray had found out from one of the villagers that there was an old ice wizard who might be able to help us save our friend so we headed towards the old house. "Hello Granny Zoe are you inside?" I asked knocking on the door when we reached her small wooden house. An old elderly lady came to the door with a sweet smile on her face. "Wizards I see what brings you boys out here?" I looked down and then Gray stepped in knowing just what to say. "Our friend was sealed away in Ice that we think was magic but we don't have any knowledge of it and we were wondering if you would come with us to Fairy Tail's guild and take a look at her. We were thinking you might be able to tell us to brake the Ice and save her."Granny Zoe was nice was like that because she didn't ask us any questions just nodded and got in the car with us and went with us to the guild hall.

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