Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


15. Memories last for ever

    I sighed and looked around the room again not sure why I even came here but then all of sudden her Diary started to glow. "Do you want me to read this Lucy? Is there a way to save you in here!" I walked over to her desk and picked up the book. As soon as my hands touched it though the book shot open and turned to a random page.

December 25 (Day 3,456)

Dear Diary,

       So we just got back from a super weird job. I guess all the jobs we take are really weird but I swear that this one tops the charts at number 1. We had to help a village that was frozen in Ice but it was like magic Ice and took all of us working together to do it. Grey used his ice magic, Erza took a sword out and started to cut, I called on my spirits, and Natsu used his fire magic and we melted the ice together as a team. It's weird cause the villagers where water people and the Ice was actually a curse placed on them by a really strong evil wizard they said to have a frozen heart and only those who have his kindness and love in there hearts can brake the ice and set the prisoner free. Sounds cheesy right?


    I looked down still very confused but then the book started to glow again and turned to a new page dated with the date before she vanished and we found her in the block of ice.

January 5 (Day 7,900)

Dear Diary,

    I told Natsu I loved him today...he didn't hear me of course but look back at it now I feel stupid. Why would he ever fall for someone who looks like me? I mean and Happy are always talking about how fat I am and I could lose a few pounds I guess. Or maybe i'm just overthinking it all again. Either way I'm sure I just had my first heart ache so I'm gonna call it a night and act like nothing's changed tomorrow. We have a big mission coming up so I better rest to you again soon.


    I got quite as I remembered that day she was talking about and suddenly understood what I had to do to save Lucy. I ran out of her house and back to the guild tears stinging my eyes as I ran to her. "I was so stupid back then Lucy I hope you can find it in your heart to please forgive me!"

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