Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


14. Lucy?

   I looked around seeing everyone was smiling and laughing like there usual self but among the bunch was Lucy laughing and joking with Grey. I started to cry and ran towards her but stopped when I saw that it wasn't really her but was Marja instead. She looked over at me and smiled waving me over. "Hey Natsu what's wrong you look like you've just seen a ghost." She suddenly had a worried look on her face. I wanted to tell her I was fine but the truth was I wasn't fine at all. I had just had all the hope in the world thrown at my face and then ripped away from me like it was all just some fun twisted game for them. I couldn't tell her this though so I forced a smile and looked away shaking my head so I seemed like my usual goofy self. "Yeah I'm fine I thought you where someone else is all." I laughed and waved it off starting to head to the guild doors. "Where are you going Natsu? I thought we were going to try and brake the Ice today?" Grey asked and called out as he ran up to catch up with me.

    "We are I just need to go and check on something first!" I yelled out as I was already running half way down the road heading to Lucy's house. There was answers in her book I knew it I just wasn't looking in the right spots. I ran until her house came into view and stopped long enough to catch my breath before I climbed into the window, half expecting her to scream at me to get out of her house and how I was trespassing like she used did. I sighed shaking my head and walked over to her desk picking up her diary once more. "Come on Lucy I know you can help me. So please just tell me what I need to do to help you."

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