Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


16. I love Lucy

     I spent the night at her house unable to leave behind the  warm feeling that I had when ever I was in her house. As soon as the morning sun hit my face I jumped out of bed and rushed outside heading to the guild hall. I think it was about time for Lucy to wake up and join the real world as well. I smiled happy because I finally knew who to save her and set things right between us at last. Miragjane was all ready there opening up the guild hall when I ran inside. "Oh good morning Natsu it's odd seeing you here so early." I blushed lightly then shook my head and sighed. "I came to see Lucy again is all." She gave me a small smile and pointed to the library. "Can you turn the lights on down there for me?" I nodded and ran down stairs in a rush to get to her as soon as I could.

   I jumped over the last few steps and landed in front of her still asleep and still frozen in ice. I smiled and placed my hand over her heart and closed my eyes as the tears started to slip through. "I should have said this sooner Lucy before this all happened....Lucy Heartfelia I am for ever in love with you." I opened my eyes just in time to see the place where my hand was glowing and soon I could feel a faint heart beat from under the ice. I smiled more and tried using my fire magic to melt the ice and to my surprise it worked! The ice melted and Lucy fell into my arms and for the first time in years I was able to hold her again. "Come on Lucy it's time to wake up. Fairy Tail needs you still." I whispered in her ear softly and then paused for a moment. "I still need you...and we still have so many great adventures to go on together." I smiled and brushed a lose hair from her face before gently kissing her lips.

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