Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


11. Here's the plane

     Grey and Leon rushed over to my side eager to hear my plan. "So how do you think we can save her!" I looked back at the ice making sure I was right. "If im right then this should be magic ice and if its magic it should have been able to save her from getting major damage. The only problem is I don't know how well brake it." We all went quite again. "It's a good plane and if it really is magic ice then me and Gray can surely find a way to brake it if we know what kind of ice was used to seal her away." Leon explained to me and I nodded. "Well what are we all waiting for? Lets go and save Lucy!" I felt a new hope as we all ran off and out of the guild to find wizard that could help us find a way to brake the spell that was put on Lucy.

    Erza looked at me with a curious but trusting look on her face as I ran out of the guild with Gray and Leon. All I could think of was getting to see Lucy and having the guild feel whole once more. "Okay so where are we starting?" I asked Leon and Gray hoping they had an idea of what to do. Gray made a weird look as he thought of an idea. "There was an old ice witch he lived a few miles out of town who might be able to help us." I nodded willing to try anything at this point. Leon ran off to get a magic car and drove it over. "Hope in guys!" He called out and I felt my stomach start to turn with the thought of it. " You guys ride that ill keep up with Happy." Happy flew right by my side with a big smile on his face. "Aye Aye sir." He said cheerfully and picked me up carrying me the same way as the car went.


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