Back To 50%

I left my heart when I left you.
I admitted love. You dumped me.
I left. You tried to stop me.
I came back. You're chasing me.
What's with You?


1. Step 1-How to Ruin Your Life

The silence overpowered the mighty commotion! Oh good Lord thank you.

I am at the school canteen, eating my lunch peacefully when I saw some bitch laughing flirt and loud. I hate noisy people. And as a person who doesn't want the word patience, I threw her my empty can of soda. She stopped from laughing. The canteen silenced and beneath the students who remained staring at each other, a man-- who seemed to be a varsity-- jumped up from where he sat and shouted; "FOOD FIGHT!!!!" and the noise claimed the canteen effortlessly.

Now I regret why I even did that. So I had no choice but to continue the meal in the pestering noise that I've started.

Then the students buddy banged the door open with an exaggerated panting entrance that made me think that they must've ran around the corridors just to get her. And then were followed by the faculty stuff and body guards. trying to control the students who have gone crazy and mad about the food party they organized.

Soon after, Mr. president of the school appeared with his usual attire as if he was a business CEO of a company that had just undergone from some boring meeting. He fixed his collar, cleared his throat and furrowed his brows to observed how beautiful it is to see the walls painted with sauce, chairs and tables formed into abstract sculptures and the floor where mixed food swims around. Then he sighed. "Anyone who wants to tell me the summary?" He asked like were all buddies in lunch breaks.

I raised my hand, taking all the attention I could get. "I just want to shut someone up, but everyone misunderstood." I bravely said as I ate the last bite of my favorite sandwich...

Dad folded his newspaper, removing his eyeglasses before he glared at me. "Third time this year, Ellie. What do you plan on doing for the fourth time?" He asked me in advance as he remind me the number of my passed schools that failed to keep me tamed.

The lollipop from my mouth broke in two when I bit it hardly as I pulled the stick out from my mouth before my reply. "I'm thinking about it." I casually replied as if we are friends. I lost my courtesy.

Dad sighed. "I'm going to get you back there then." He said.

"There? What there my old schools? Sure." I said unaffected as I savored the sweetness of my candy.

"I'm taking you back to the province."

After the word processed into my mind, I suddenly fixed the way I sat and looked at my father wide eyed as he said each word unbelievably. Then I stood up. "No."

"Ellie, you lost yourself in that place. So I want you to get back there and fixed what's making you this way--"

"This way? Oh come on. You're not going to do this to me!" I complained.

"I will. I thought if I'd take you to a strict school, you'd change. But how could you go worse than Eldrin?" He said, comparing me to my badass brother. Eldrin who was really out going and a trouble maker who joined a fraternity and soon died because of hazing. He suffered from a lot of unimaginable pain and his body couldn't take too much his that he lost his life in internal bleeding. I cried for him actually, no one just saw it that's why they think that I'm such a heartless sister. "Ellie, you've never done something worse like this when we were in province. But when we left, you're really taking your brother's steps and even surpassed his hardheadedness." 

I didn't reply.

"So I have to take you back." He continued. "There where you actually lost your heart. Maybe there, you'll be able to take it back." he said in finality before he lifted himself up from his chair and left me annoyed in his office.

Where I lost my heart, huh?

Can't it be where I forget how to manifest love?

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