Destiny Island Academy (Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts)

Davin Bowles.

Bitchy, mouthy and nothing but attitude kind of girl.

What will happen to Davin when her best friend drags her to a sex academy? Will she be able to attend the classes with passing grades while not catching feels for the hotties?

Read to find out!!


2. 2

"Here we are!" Austin cheered as we pulled into a parking spot in front of Stonewood Academy.

"Oh sweet already in hell? That's awesome!" I sarcastically said as Austin frowned.

"Please be a good little girl Dav."

I rolled my eyes, "Sure, in your dreams." I got out of the car slamming the door behind me. I entered the building first going to the front desk with Austin catching up to me.

He spoke first, "Austin Toy."

The woman eyed him over and handed him a clipboard.

"Davin Bowles."

She looked at me surprised as I glared.

Yeah, it's a boys name get over yourself.

She handed me the clipboard I snagged it from her hands then plopped down in a seat beside Austin.

I read the first question.



Straight? Bisexual? Lesbian? Gay?


Ever been in a relationship?


Wait, how come I never been in a relationship?

I looked at Austin, "Hey."

"Hmm?" He didn't take his eyes off the paper.

I glared, "Austin look at me dammit."

He looked at me, "Yes Dav?"

"How come I never been in a relationship?"

I heard him swallow hard, "'re a little rough around the edges." He stammered.

"What does that mean? I asked narrowing my eyes.

He sighs, "Some guys can't handle your-"

"Bitchiness?" I finished for him.

He slowly nodded as he went back to his clipboard. I grabbed the clipboard out of his hands jumping up holding it above him. Austin shot out of his seat jumping for his clipboard but didn't have any luck since he's a tad shorter than me.

"Not cool Davin! Give it back!" He yelled.

"Not till you stop being a dick!" I yelled at him probably getting weird looks from the lady at the desk.

I glanced up at his paper seeing he was a virgin, "Aw is someone a widdle virgin." I teased Austin, he pushed me hard into someone behind me.

"Well hello."

I jumped turning around slightly embarrassed that I've been pushed into a hot ass teacher, "Sorry! This dickhead," I jerked my thumb at Austin, "Pushed me."

The teacher nodded in understatement as he grabbed my clipboard and Austin snatched his back.

"Virgin?" The teacher smirked, "I love virgins." He gave me back my clipboard as if I wasn't creeped out enough already he tucks a piece of hair behind my ear flirty like and he whispers in my ear, "I'm Mr Fair, Zack Fair." I shivered from his breath on my ear. He pulls back with a shit-eating grin on his face then walked away.

"Couldn't deny that sexual tension," Austin said shaking his head handing his clipboard to the woman at the desk. She gave him a key and before I turned my clipboard in I hit him with the head with it.

"Ow! What was that for?!" He yelped rubbing his head.

"Teaching you a lesson to keep your mouth shut," I grumbled turning in my clipboard and she gave me a key.


"104... 104.. 104 ah finally!" I said lugging my two suite cases finally finding my dorm room.

"Look at that I'm right across from you." Austin said opening his door, "I'll see you when I finish unpacking."

I nodded walking inside my dorm, the living room was pretty sizable with a small kitchen and two bedrooms on either side but they don't have doors. I saw one bathroom and it doesn't have a door on it either. 

I started shaking my head, why the hell can't we have doors? 

I picked the room on the right seeing a king size bed already made with blankets and pillows on it. I put my two suite cases on my bed unpacking. I grabbed some clothes walking over to my dresser I pulled out the drawer seeing five school uniforms.

I groaned I hate school uniforms.

"Don't start playing with yourself without me."

I jumped dropping my clothes whipping my to the door a sliver haired boy stood there smirking at me.

"I'd rather not wait for you I'd get off better by myself." I retorted, "Now care to explain what the hell you are doing in my dorm?"

"I'm your roommate." He answered.

I slapped my forehead, "Of fucking course, my roommate is a guy!" I muttered to myself.

He walked over to me, "This is a sex academy after all." He smirked bending down picking up my clothes. He straightens himself handing me my clothes, "I'm Riku."

I took them, "Davin."

He raised an eyebrow and before he could say anything I cut him off, "Yes I'm aware of the fact it's a guys name fuck off about it."

He smirked, "Such a feisty kitten."

Oh, jesus one of these guys.

I rolled my eyes turning back to my dresser closing the first drawer I opened the second one glad to find it empty I put my clothes in it. The whole time I could feel his eyes on me watching me.

I sigh in annoyance finally having enough I looked at him crossing my arms, "Can I help you?"

"Just enjoying the view kitten."

I opened my mouth about to rip him a new asshole but Austin barged into the room

"Hey, Dav!" Austin greeted then saw Riku casually leaning up against the wall, "Who are you?" Austin asked Riku.

"I'm Riku, are you her boyfriend?"

Austin and I looked at each other then burst out laughing, I can't count how many times people thought Austin was my boyfriend.

"Haha oh god no!" Austin laughed.

"How could you not be? I mean look at her!" Riku pointed at me.

I rolled my eyes, "You can keep trying big boy but it isn't going to work."

"Trust me dude Davin-" I shot Austin a glare making him shut up.

It was Riku's turn to laugh, "Okay, I get it."


Yes, she was that loud.

"Come onn." Austin tugged my arm.

Austin, Riku and me left the room heading to the auditorium with other students.

"RIIIIKKKUUUU!!" A spiky brown haired boy yelled out running up to Riku engulfing him in a bear hug.

"Sora you just saw me an hour ago!" Riku told the spiky brown haired boy as he patted the top of his head.

"That's too long ago!" He cried out.

"Sora." A red haired girl giggled walking up to us followed by five people.

Sora let go of Riku turning his attention to Austin and me. 

"Hey, Riku who's your friends?" Sora asked with a smile. 

"That's Austin," Riku pointed at Austin, "And this is my feisty roommate Davin." Riku introduced us loosely wrapping his arm around my shoulders. 

I rolled my eyes shoving Riku off of me I walked into the auditorium followed by Austin, Riku, and the rest of Riku's friends. 

"Ignore her guys that's just her personality," Austin told them laughing slightly as I shot him a glare.  He gulped taking a seat in between the redhead and the blonde. Riku sat beside me and a spiky redhead plopped down on a seat beside me. The rest of Riku's friends sat in various places.

"You definitely are feisty got it memorized?" The guy with spiky red hair said to me with a wink.

I narrowed my eyes at him flicking his ear, "And guess what? You aren't getting in this feisty thing got it memorized." I mocked the last three words in his voice earning a smirk.

Riku leaned forward about to say something but I stopped him with my pointer finger, "I swear to god keep your trap shut." I ordered him. 

He narrowed his eyes at me then looked like an idea dawned on him. He opened his mouth leaning forward my finger went in it. I gasped frozen with shock not expecting him to do that. He sucked my finger then nibbled on it a little when he was done with my finger he let it out of his mouth making a huge popping sound gaining everyone's attention. I blinked a few times staring at my finger it glistened with his saliva. I looked at a laughing Riku I glared at him wiping my finger off on his shirt.

"You're a disgusting little boy." I hiss at Riku.

"Not as bad as me." The redhead beside me whispered in my ear nipping it.

I gasped whipping my whole body around staring at the redhead in shock. He smirked in response licking his lips.

What the hell did Austin get me into?

"Good afternoon students welcome to Stonewood Academy." I turned my attention to the stage a man with long silver hair stood behind the podium talking into the microphone, "I am Principal Shinra now I know you're all anxious to socialize so I won't keep you long. Your classes start tomorrow so take this day to unpack and if you have any issues with class scheduling or what not come speak with me. Now there's an important subject that I want everyone to take seriously. Rape," He paused letting that word sink in, "Is not tolerated. A male or female is not obligated to do anything with you if they don't want to. If a rape does happen an investigation will start immediately. You will be prosecuted and kicked out of the academy. Now with that being out of the way let's have a great school year!"

The students broke out in a cheer.

I felt fingers run through my hair and another hand placed on my thigh. I glance between the redhead beside me and Riku.

Oh, dear jesus why do I get the feeling these two aren't the only ones I'm going to have to deal with.

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