A Cup Of Tea

15-Year old Wendy Meyers has been shipped off to Badwater, California while her parents work slaving hours at the warehouse back in Iowa paying off the debt they fell into. She finds a mysterious Teapot in her Uncle Gardner's ancient mansion. One sip of the tea and she feels like she's flying. This tea is magnificent. But, why?


1. "Wendy? Never heard of her" (UNFINISHED)

Wendy walked out of school with a look of pure dread on her face. It was the last day of school, a day where all worries for the average 15 year old would vanish, but for Wendy, they had doubled. She had always been of the worrisome sort, but who could blame her? She has four other siblings to provide for and parents she scarcely ever saw. Her parents worked all day at a warehouse owned by a seemingly pig-like man that had no respect for his employees. They both earned minimum wage and were utterly exhausted by the time they came home leaving Wendy to take care of the children and the house. Wendy saw summer as a time where she'd have to constantly provide entertainment and food for these children. She saw herself as a live in maid with no pay. It only made things worse that she had no friends, but lived across the street from what was seemingly the largest socialite in Iowa.

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