Love Story

Alphys and Undyne are perfect for each other. Everyone knows that. Their best friends want them to get together. Everyone does, there's nothing wrong with that.
But going to fancy restaurants, even if you're not alone, even if you're trying to get your friends together, it can be weird, in a romantic way. Especially when one of you if a hot celebrity.
But Mettaton and Papyrus wouldn't fall in love. That would ruin the love story.
**Human AU**
I made the cover (I as in YaPrtyMuch) ;))


5. Chats and Cats

"See, Papyrus, he's fine, he's just a little bit shaken up, that's all."

Papyrus looked up to see Mettaton carrying the cat towards him, all wrapped up in a warm looking blanket. 

"No broken bones?"

"Not one. I called the vet and she instructed me on how to check. He's just a little shaken, alright?"

Papyrus nodded with a little sniff, taking the furry animal into his arms. Mettaton sat beside him on his black leather couch, watching the brunette cradle it in his arms. 

"What do you think you should name it?"

"What do you mean?" Papyrus asked, looking at Mettaton and cocking his head to the side.

"I mean, he's not got a collar on him or anything, I don't think he belongs to anybody."

Papyrus hummed thoughtfully. 

"I think we should bring him to the shelter just in case."

"I guess you're right," Mettaton agreed, "But if you could keep him, what would you name him?"

"Noodle," Papyrus said after a moment, "I'd name him noodle because I really like spaghetti."

Mettaton giggled softly at the adorable man's response. 

The door slammed suddenly and they both looked up to see a woman with big, round glasses enter the room. She was wearing a lab coat, fresh from work. 

"Are you alright, Metta? I came as soon as I could-oh Papyrus! Er, what are you doing here?"

"We're fine, no need to worry Alphys. I help Papyrus here during the earthquake, and we decided to help a cat together."

"That's nice," Alphys said with a smile.

She then smirked at Mettaton who scowled at her. Papyrus wasn't sure why.

"Mettaton, could you come help me prepare dinner? Papyrus, you're welcome to stay. We're having spaghetti."

Papyrus' eyes lit up at the sound of his favorite food. 

"I'd like that, thanks."

Mettaton rolled his eyes and followed Alphys into the kitchen. She immediately pulled him into a seat at the counter, eyes bright.

"So you helped him out? Tell me everything."

"There's not much to tell, I just caught him when he was falling."

Alphys grinned.

"That's quite heroic of you."

"Only an anime freak like yourself would think that."

It was Alphys who rolled her eyes this time. 

"I prefer the term fan, if you don't mind."

"Whatever, shouldn't we be preparing dinner?"

"Right," Alphys muttered, rushing over to the cabinet and grabbing a box of noodles from the first shelf. 

"I'll get the pan," Mettaton offered, hurrying over to the dishwasher.

"Speaking of pans, what's your opinion on Papyrus?"

Mettaton went rather red in the face, nearly dropping the pan in his hands. 

"Wh-That's none of your business!" He said in a rather flustered tone. 

Alphys laughed and took the bowl from Mettaton, filling it with water and setting it on the stove. 

"You seem to like him as a bit more than a friend."

"That's not true."

"It's not?"




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