This Journey

Another poem I thought of suddenly, this time with a melancholic tone. Please let me know what you think. :)


1. This Journey



Why do I plant these seedlings,

Knowing they will grow to prick me with their thorns?

Why do I sharpen the blade,

Knowing it will cut me one day?

Why do I cross this bridge called love,

Knowing it could crumble and let me fall?

Why do I go on this path,

Knowing the risks of getting hurt?


Why do I continue watering this plant,

Knowing the thorns show no mercy?

Why do I continue using this knife,

That is the cause of my bleeding?

Why am I smiling as I drift down this river,

Knowing I might drown to my death?

Why am I not turning back,

Knowing that my soul is hurt over and over again?


Is this called ignorance to the fullest?

Or simply the ugly beauty of love?

With a plant that keeps pricking,

And a blade that keeps slashing,

I ponder as I continue down the streaming waters,

Knowing not of what lies ahead,

In this journey I call love.

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