I'll Be Here |Joshler|

|Twenty One Pilots Faniction| Tyler Joseph wants to die. Then he meets Josh Dun. Maybe, because of him, he might think twice.


4. Scents

Trigger warning: Domestic Abuse

"Mom, I'm home!" Tyler called, walking into his house that always seemed to smell like flowers.

He wondered sometimes if that was what he smelled like, too.

There was no response, so Tyler called out again, but with the same results. Unsure of what was going on, Tyler walked further into his home, plunking his bag down by the door, but not before making sure his phone was safe in his pocket. Madison, his little brother, Jay, and his mother were supposed to be home, ready to greet him after school while they waited for Zack to come home from soccer tryouts. That had been the plan.

What the hell is going on?

Dude, I døn't knøw. Øh wait, I dø! They gøt tired øf the depressed fag they had tø put up with, sø they left. 

Nice try. Something weird is going on, and you know it. 

Blurry said nothing, meaning that he actually agreed with Tyler for once. 

Suddenly a cough came from the upstairs and the smell of tobacco wafted into his nose. His face morphed into utter terror as he bolted towards the door, realizing what was happening.

His dad was home.

"Where do you think you're going?" A gruff voice asked from behind him.

Tyler's breath hitched and he swung open the door, but not before his father grabbed him in a headlock and swiveled him around, pressing the poor boy into the wall and kicking the door closed.

"What the hell, Tyler!"

"I'm sorry, Dad," Tyler mumbled, not really sure what he was apologizing for.

He could smell liquor on his father's breath and he cringed.

A hand was suddenly on Tyler's cheek and a stinging sensation ripped through him as he staggered. He only had a few moments to react and catch his breath before his father's fist smashed into the boy's stomach. He whimpered as he fell to the floor, where his father mercilessly kicked him until his son's screams became so loud that they were unbearable to listen to. 

"Go," His dad huffed, "To your room. Now."

Tyler nodded, standing and limping into his bedroom. He shut the door behind him and collapsed onto his bed in a trembling mess. 

The pain was explicit, numbing even, and he gasped as he lifted his shirt to reveal purple bruises, some of which had blood springing from them. Shakily, he reached for his phone in his pocket and glanced at his palm. Gerard's number was faded, but it was still remotely visible. He punched the number in and waited for his friend to pick up.

One ring.

Two rings.

Three rings.



"Gerard?" Tyler croaked.



"Are you okay? You don't sound well at all." 

"I-I'm not." 

"Tyler, where are you, what the hell is happening?" 

Tyler let out a shaky breath, running his fingers through his disheveled hair.

"M-my dad is home."

"Your dad is home?" 

"M-my dad likes to hit me." 

He could hear the hitch in Gerard's breath through the phone.

"What's your address, Ty? I can get you out of there." 

Tyler mumbled his address into the phone and could hear Gerard scribbling it down on a sheet of paper. He then heard Gerard asking one of his parents if he could come get him.

There was a lot of yelling before Gerard mumbled into the phone, "My mom won't let me out."

Tyler's voice faltered as he whispered, "Oh."

Gerard was silent for a moment, Tyler could tell he was frantically thinking of a way around the situation. 

"Oh my god, I forgot."


"I could call Josh to come and get you!"

"You're friends with Josh?"

"W-well, no," Gerard said, "We exchanged phone numbers at summer school a few years ago. Thank god I haven't taken his contact out."

"P-please call him. I need to get out."

"I'm on it. Hang in there, okay, buddy?"

"Okay," Tyler whimpered, and Gerard hung up. 

It seemed like forever until he heard a car drive into his driveway, nervously, he tip-toed out of his room, phone in hand. His father was nowhere to be seen. He made his way over to the door. 

So close.

Almost there.

He reached for the door handle, but before he could even touch it he was being thrown to the floor. 

"I told you to stay in your room!" His father cried, giving him a sharp kick to the ribs. 

Tyler screamed, writhing on the floor in pain.

His father was about to grab him by the scruff of his neck when a knock on the door sounded. Tyler's heart gave a tremendous leap.

"Who the hell could that be?" His dad hissed. Tyler knew he wouldn't dare open the door because they would see what he had done to his son.

"It's help, Dad. I called for help."

"You did what?"

In a flash, he was pinned against the wall and shrieking as knuckled made contact with his skin. The door swung open.

"Josh!" Tyler wailed as his father released him, and the boy with blue hair ran to him. 

The boys didn't know each other well, but Josh didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around Tyler, who was trembling in pain. 

"Come on, Brendon's waiting for us in the car. We'll get you out." 

Tyler nodded, blood running down the side of his cheek, mixing with his salty tears. Before he knew it, Josh was lifting the weak boy into his arms and running out of the house, carrying him to Brendon's red jeep. He placed the moaning boy into the back and quickly jumped into the passenger seat. He could hear Tyler's father running after them, screaming inaudible words.

"Drive!" Josh cried, and Brendon surged ahead, leaving a trail of dust in Tyler's father's face.

After establishing with himself that they were safe, he leaned around in his seat to see Tyler lying horizontally in the back, shaking. 

"Tyler, are you okay?"

He knew it was a dumb question, but he felt the need to say it. Tyler shook his head, no, biting down on his lip and cursing at the pain in his ribs. 

He couldn't believe Josh Dun had just saved him. He couldn't believe Josh was seeing him like this. 

The boy in question unbuckled himself slowly, making his way over to the back seat. He sat beside Tyler, pulling the poor boy into his arms and holding him.

Tyler was astonished and felt excitement bubble up inside of him. Josh Dun was holding him. Josh Dun. 

The shaking finally stopped and when Josh felt this, he slowly turned Tyler around to face him. His fingers moved from Tyler's waist to the hem of his shirt.

"Can I see how bad they are?"

Tyler didn't want him to see. He couldn't have Josh see. 

"Please," Josh begged, looking into Tyler's eyes. Tyler nodded slowly, thinking as he did so that Josh must know that he has that effect on him. 

Dropping his gaze slowly, Josh lifted Tyler's shirt, revealing his chest, which was covered with patches of purple, blue , and even black. Blood smeared across some of the bruises. 

"T-Tyler," Josh exhaled. 

Tyler felt tears well up in his eyes. They were hot and stung and threatened to spill down his face.

"I'm okay," Tyler lied, trying to reassure the shocked blue boy. 

"No, you're clearly not okay," Josh said, looking back into his eyes.

Tyler let one of the tears slip and felt it roll down his cheek. 

"Hey, don't cry!" Josh said, and without thinking, went to wipe it away with his thumb, "Unless you're in pain, because I mean, then it would be good to cry since it releases pain."

Tyler stared at him in awe. 

"W-why are you being so nice? W-why did you save me?"

Josh's face flashed a familiar confused expression and he said, "Because I care about you Tyler. I was hoping we could be friends."

Tyler's face brightened at this.


Josh smiled. 

"Yeah, friends."

He watched as a small smile crept onto Tyler's face. He buried his head in Josh's shoulder and Josh wrapped his arms around the boy's waist. They were like that until Brendon pulled up in Josh's driveway.

"We sleeping over?" He asked, turning around to face them.

Josh lifted Tyler's face up off his shoulder and held him at arm's length. 

"Do you want to sleep over tonight?"

Tyler nodded. 

"Okay then, it's settled. Beebo's going to stay here too, okay?"


Josh nodded towards Brendon, who laughed. 

"That's his nickname."

"Oh," Tyler said. 

Josh helped Tyler inside, and Brendon helped him to Josh's room while Josh stopped to explain the situation to his mother. 

"Josh has a beautiful room," Tyler observed, sitting down on his bed, which he found to be extremely comfortable. He sunk into the mattress and when Brendon saw this he chuckled lightly.

"Yeah, I suppose he does but doesn't it smell, like, really weird in here?"

Tyler sniffed the air, furrowing his brow. 

"Smells like... Christmas cookies," He muttered.

Brendon crinkled his nose.

"Never like Christmas cookies. My cousin shoved one down my throat once and I nearly choked to death on it."

"But isn't this what Josh smells like?"

Brendon laughed.

"Yeah, that's why I always tell him he smells like a pig."

Tyler giggled and watched his friend sink in beside him. 

"Tyler, do you really like Josh? Like, a lot?" Brendon asked after a moment, looking down at the rip in his jeans and fiddling with the loose strands of fabric. 

"Of course I like him. Don't you?"

Brendon looked up and smirked, tossing his hair out of his eyes with a jerk of his head.

"Not what I meant."

Tyler sighed. "I know." 

"So, what's your answer?"

"My answer is yes, I mean, at least I think I do. He's honestly my first crush," Tyler admitted. 

Brendon's eyes almost seemed to pop out of his head and he gave Tyler a most ecstatic look.

"No way! First boy crush, or like, first crush ever?"

"First crush ever." A blush crept onto Tyler's face as he spoke and Brendon squealed in delight. 

"Too bad he's taken."

"Yeah," Brendon muttered, "You know your not the first one to like him."

Tyler looked at him, slightly confused.

"You mean to say you like him, too?"

Brendon sighed.

"Liked. I've Liked him, Tyler. Not anymore, though. We've all liked him at one point or another, but he seems so happy with his girlfriend. We've all given up." 

"By we you mean..."

"I mean Dallon, Pete, Spencer, Patrick, all of us." Brendon's face transformed into a pout as his eyes drifted up into space. 

After a moment of staring at nothing, Brendon seemed to snap out of his daze, and his eyes became less dilated. 

"Sorry, here, let me get you some ice," He said, and left the room.

Tyler sat there awkwardly, waiting for Brendon to come back. After a moment, it was not Brendon who entered the room, but Josh.

"Hey," He said, closing the door and going to sit down beside Tyler. Unlike him and Brendon, he did not sink into the mattress. 


"Is Brendon getting you ice?"



Suddenly Tyler felt an arm slip around his shoulder and he shivered. He knew Josh was only being friendly, but he couldn't help but wonder if he felt the same way. 

"You okay?" Josh asked, feeling Tyler tense under his arm.

Tyler nodded, biting down on his lip. He loved the feeling of Josh's arm wrapped around him, but at the same time loathed it because it made him feel even worse about being attracted to a boy in a relationship. 

Brendon returned, holding an ice pack in one hand. He kneeled beside the bed. 

"Is it okay if we take your shirt off, Tyler?"

Tyler nodded. He didn't want Brendon and Josh to have to take care of him, but he supposed it was for the best since he was in a lot of pain.

He lifted his shirt off and glanced down at the bruises that covered his chest and stomach. Brendon pressed the cool pack to him and he winced at the sudden chill that ran from his stomach to down his spine. Sensing this, Josh wrapped his arm around him once again, tightening the arm that once hung loosely around Tyler's shoulders. 

"That s-stings," Tyler mumbled. 

He felt a pair of eyes and looked to his side to see Josh's deep brown eyes trailing down his chest. His heart gave a great leap as he wondered if Josh was simply observing his wounds or feeling any attraction. He hoped for the latter. 

"Brendon, you go get Ty some painkillers, I'll take care of him," Josh almost whispered, taking the ice pack from Brendon and pressing it to Tyler's chest himself. 

"Okay," Brendon said, standing up and leaving the room, but not before giving Tyler a slight wiggle of his eyebrows. Tyler glared jokingly at him. 



"That stings."

"It's going to sting, I'm so sorry."

Tyler hissed at the painful sensation that ripped through him. He knew the ice would help him numb and heal, but at the moment it felt like hell. 

Feeling so much sympathy towards the boy he'd just met, Josh reached up to wrap a hand around his waist, in the hopes that this would calm down his new friend or make him feel safer. He wasn't sure why he wanted to make sure Tyler was so safe, he just did. 

Tyler relaxed into his hand, the numb feeling was starting to kick in. He still really wished Brendon would hurry up with the painkillers, though.

As if on cue, Brendon burst in the door and when he saw where Josh's hand was, he just wiggled his eyebrows at Tyler suggestively again, as if to say, You and I both know he has a girlfriend but I still ship you guys even though I just met you today.

Tyler smiled at him with the same expression and Brendon handed him the painkillers, which were chewable. 

"Kids painkillers?"

"Josh's mom doesn't allow beverages in the room and I didn't want you to have to dry-swallow pills," He explained, chewing on the inside of his mouth. 

"Oh," Tyler mumbled, tossing a few into his mouth and chewing the disgusting tablets down roughly. 

After a few minutes, the pain began to evaporate and the stinging sensation from the ice pack Josh had pressed against his chest finally became numb. He sighed at the sudden relief.

Sensing this, Josh knew he should remove his hand from Tyler's waist, but he didn't want to. He didn't know why, he just felt so attached to Tyler, his new friend. 

Deciding against what he wanted, for fear Tyler would think he was weird, he slipped his hand away. 

Tyler shivered, missing the warmth. 


Brendon and Josh had bandaged him up pretty well, he hardly felt the pain now, as he was lying on Josh's bed, next to him. Josh appeared to be asleep, so Tyler watched his chest move up and down and his beautiful face, which looked like a blossoming flower in slumber. Lips slightly parted, hair disheveled and face relaxed, it was certain that Josh was probably the world's cutest napper. Brendon was sleeping on the floor beside them, soft snores escaping his lips. His forehead looked even bigger in sleep and this made Tyler want to laugh. He didn't though, for fear of waking them both up. 

Suddenly a searing pain went through him from his wounds and he whimpered, they hadn't been hurting for awhile. Josh, who had only really been on the brink of sleep, opened his eyes to see Tyler laying beside him, biting his lip so hard that blood burst from it and his hand trembled over the bandages on his bare chest. Without thinking, the blue haired boy reached over and wrapped his arms around Tyler, who willingly snuggled into him, whimpering and shaking. 

"Shh," Josh whispered, instinctively rubbing circles into his back. 

Eventually, he felt Tyler go limp in his arms, and soon enough, he fell asleep, too.

The last thing Tyler felt was inhaling Josh's sweet scent of Christmas cookies. 

The last thing Josh felt was inhaling Tyler's sweet scent of flowers. 

















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