Miraculous Vixen

The true owner of the Fox Miraculous has appeared, but Vixen isn't keen on playing with the other superheroes. Meanwhile, a new girl has appeared at Marinette's school. Riven Elliot was once the lead singer of Paris' most popular pop group, The Face Cards. Due to a rather public humiliation from her bandmates, however, she left to become a normal girl. Dealing with adoring fans and crushes is easy when compared to saving the world.


4. Siren

Riven yawned as she stretched, Kim giving a little chuckle beside her.

"So Riven," she glanced over to where Max walked on the other side of their tall friend, "has anyone asked you to the dance tonight?"

"No," she shrugged, "I honestly wasn't going to go anyways."

"Why not?"

"Principal Damocles wants me to sing the first slow song," she sighed, "and I kind of told him no."

"I see," the young African American boy readjusted his glasses, "you think if you attend the dance, you'll get peer pressured into singing."

"That's right," she sighed, rubbing the back of her neck as the trio entered the school, "I haven't sang anything since I...left the Face Cards."

"What a shame," the black haired girl froze, "you do have such a lovely voice."

Riven's blood ran cold as she glanced up at the three boys standing before her. A large crowd had gathered around them, yet they ignored the squealing girls and cheering boys.

"Riven," the lead boy, a tall figure with dark chestnut hair, reached out to grasp her startled hand, "how I've missed you."

Riven's stupor was lost to disgust as he placed a gentle kiss upon the back of her hand, "Wish I could say the same, Ruben," her gaze softened as she glanced back at the other two boys, "Duke. Gerard."

Duke, a platinum blonde boy, nodded in greeting while the mo-hawk wearing Gerard refused to even meet her gaze.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"What? We're not allowed to check up on an old friend?"

Riven crossed her arms tightly over her chest, "Last time I checked, Ruben, we weren't friends."

"Ouch," the brunette feigned agony, "you wound me, madame."

"I'm about to," she warned, "what do you want?"

"We were in town and got hired to perform at some dance tonight."


"I asked daddy to book them," Chloe giggled from where she stood beside Sabrina, "isn't this great Rivy? You guys can perform together!"

"Yeah Rivy," Ruben smirked, "it'll be just like old times."

"I wouldn't perform with you again if my life depended on it!"

Turning, the black haired girl stormed out of the school. Kim sighed and shared a pained look with Max.

"She certainly hasn't changed," Ruben's chuckle earned a couple glares from Riven's friends, "still the same melodramatic diva."

"You don't know anything about her," Kim's snarl caught the band's attention, "you have no idea what she's really like."

"Oh please," Ruben scoffed, "we were a band for seven years."

"Then you should have known she would never talk about anyone behind their backs," Marinette's scowl caused Gerard and Duke to avoid her accusatory glare, "Riven is the sweetest person I'd ever met."

"Riven's an entertainer," Ruben shrugged, "an actor. It probably wasn't that hard to create some sweet alter ego to fool you normal people with. Her poker face would give any card player a run for their money."

"Shut up," Adrien snapped, "you accuse her of talking behind your backs, but what do you call this?"

"It's called speaking the truth, pretty boy," Ruben chuckled, "trust me when I say Riven is just playing you all. Sooner or later, you'll see the real her."


"That arrogant, manipulative, son of a-"


She sighed, sinking heavily onto the park bench, "Sorry Trixx."

The tiny fox kwami floated out from Riven's vest, giving her bearer a sad glance. Riven leaned onto her knees, her hair hiding her face completely.

"I understand this is hard," the tiny tawny creature sighed, "but you can't just skip out on school."

"I know," she sighed, relaxing slightly, "it's not like they're attending my school now."

"And just think; if the Face Cards are here, then so are your parents!"

Riven brightened up at the thought of seeing her folks again, smiling brightly.


Trixx gasped, ducking back into the girl's vest as she glanced up at an approaching Marinette and Alya.

"Marinette? Alya? What are you two doing here?"

"Looking for you," Alya sighed, "you stormed off so suddenly that we got worried."

Giving a small smile, Riven sighed, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you girls worry."

"That Ruben guy is a real piece of work," Marinette scowled, "as soon as you were gone he started talking about you. Calling you a melodramatic diva and that you were just playing us."

"Of course he did."

"What are you going to do?"

Riven shrugged, "I'm going back to school. They can't chase me away."

"That a girl," Alya smirked, holding out a hand to help her friend to her feet, "come on. The first bell already rang."

Nodding, the black haired girl smiled, "Thanks guys."

"No worries," Marinette smiled, "just know you're not alone. And just think, after the dance, they'll leave Paris again."


Kim breathed a sigh of relief as Riven, Alya, and Marinette entered the classroom.

"Girls," the teacher sighed, "tardiness is not accepted here."

"Sorry professor," Riven said, "my locker was stuck so Alya and Marinette helped me get it open."

The teacher paused before nodding, "Very well, I'll let it slide this time. Please take your seats, girls."

Hurrying to their seats, Riven slid into the bench beside Kim. He smiled at her, showing her the page they were on and watching as she flipped her book open to it. As the class dragged on, the pair worked on their worksheets together.

Halfway through their class, however, the loudspeakers turned on.

"Riven Elliot to Principal Damocles' office, please."

Confused, Riven glanced up at the professor who gave a stiff nod of approval. Gathering her stuff, she rose to her feet and left the classroom. Kim watched her leave, wondering what the principal could possibly want.


Riven knocked on the large wooden door, waiting patiently until she heard the gruff "come in" from her principal.

"Principal Damocles," she raised an eyebrow as she entered the room, "may I please ask what this is about?"


She broke into a wide smile as a familiar pair of faces turned to gaze at her. Bruce and Helena Elliot smiled brightly as they gathered their daughter up in their arms. Principal Damocles couldn't fight the chuckle that escaped his throat as he watched the touching scene before him.

"I'm so happy you're home," Riven said, a happy tear sliding down her cheek, "but why are you at my school?"

"Riven," her principal's voice caught her attention, "I know you already said no to singing at the dance-"

Riven slowly pulled away from her parents, "That's what this is about?"

"Riven, honey," Helena sighed, "it would be such good publicity for Trinity-"

"For what?"

"Oh," Bruce smiled, "that's the name of the band now. Trinity; you know, since there's only three of them."

Riven scowled as Helena continued, "It's just that it will be good for the boys' public image to be seen reaching out to you again. It'll show the world you're all still friends."

"But we're not, mom," Riven sighed, "I'd give anything to be friends with Gerard and Duke again," she scowled, crossing her arms, "but Ruben lied. He destroyed everything the Face Cards had."

"Please Riven," Bruce begged, "you have to sing with them. They haven't been doing so well since you...left."

"Since I was kicked out, you mean."

"They need a new hit single to get back to the top," Helena sighed, "we want you to write it and perform it with them at your school dance. The press will be there to record the whole thing."

"Translation: you want me to do all the work while they ride on it," she scowled, "well you can forget it! I'm not singing with Ruben ever again!"

"Riven," Bruce scowled, crossing his arms, "stop being so selfish."

"I'm selfish," the black haired girl snarled, "they publicly humiliated me and you think I'm selfish just because I refuse to sing with them again!?"

"Sweetie," Helena sighed, stepping in between her husband and daughter, "we don't think you're selfish, but you're letting one incident cloud your judgement. If Trinity don't rise up in the charts, their record label will drop them. Which means your father and I will be out of a job."

"You can easily manage someone else," Riven sighed with a soft smile, "you two are the greatest managers in the pop industry."

Bruce blushed slightly, "True."

"Please Riven," her mother asked softly, "will you at least think about it? How about we have dinner tonight before the dance and you can tell us your decision then?"

She glared into her mother's eyes, unable to stop herself from sighing in defeat, "I'll think about it."


"So are you going to do it," Marinette asked, pausing to take a bite out of her sandwich, "sing with Trinity, I mean?"

Riven sat at a lunch table with Marinette, Alya, Kim, Max, Adrian, and Nino. She explained what had happened in the principal's office and the deal she had made with her parents. She hadn't touched a bite of her food, her appetite completely gone (though she was able to sneak a large strawberry into her vest pocket when no one was looking).

"I really don't want to," she admitted, laying her head on her arms, "well, I don't want to sing with Ruben. I'd love to sing with Gerard and Duke again," she paused as a flood of memories rushed her, causing her to smile, "I remember our very first performance. Gerard was so nervous he gave himself the hiccups, right before we had to go on stage."

"That must've been embarrassing," Adrian frowned, "what happened?"

"He used his hiccups as sound effects," Riven laughed, "it made the song ten times better! Nobody knew the difference!"

The group chuckled, smiling as the black haired girl continued.

"Duke always knew how to get us pumped for a crowd," she laughed harder, "he would always perform the Let's Rock 'Em song."

Nino tilted his head in confusion, "The Let's Rock 'Em song?"

Standing up, Riven climbed onto the top of the table and began shaking her hips to an imaginary beat.

Oh oh oh

Let's get ready to make some noise

Oh oh oh

Let's rock those girls and boys

Oh oh oh

Swallow your fear and prepare to sing

Oh oh oh

Jack, Ace, Queen, and King

Let's rock that crowd

Let's rock 'em good

Give it your all

Am I understood

Let's rock 'em

I say let's rock 'em

By now most of the cafeteria had turned to listen to the small performance, cheering when Riven finished the short ballad. She bowed low before laughing and hopping off the table.

"That was incredible," Kim exclaimed, "I honestly think you should do it."

"But Riven get's nothing out of it," Max pointed out, causing everyone to frown, "She'll write a song, but get no credit for it. The boys will rise into the top of the charts and leave her alone in the dark. And, just think, what happens when they fall again?"

"They'd come back and ask for a new song," Alya frowned, "Riven would just become their get out of jail free card."

"I suppose I wouldn't mind it if my parents went public about me writing the songs," Riven admitted with a shrug, "I wouldn't be singing, but at least I'd still be in the music business. But people never like to hear that their favorite artists don't write their own songs. The songs are the most important part about music, anyways. It's the words that catch people's attention, not the look of the person behind them."

"She's got a point," Marinette nodded, "I might think differently of Jagged Stone if I ever learned he didn't write his songs."

Adrian frowned, "So you're not going to do it?"

"No," the black haired girl snarled, "If my parents think they can just show back up, use me, and then leave again then they've got another thing coming!"


Riven opened the door to Maurice's Pizzeria, expecting to see her parents at the table they had always used when Riven was younger. Instead, she found them at the largest table in the very center of the crowded restaurant....with three boys accompanying them.

"Mom. Dad," Riven scowled as she approached the table, "I thought this was just going to be us."

Bruce smiled brightly, "Well, we thought it would be best if the boys heard the good news from you personally."

Ruben gave a dark smirk before standing and pulling out the empty chair beside him. Riven glared back at him, blinking in surprise when a dozen lights began flashing in her eyes. It was then she noticed that her table was surrounded by reporters.

"We also thought it would boost the boys' image if the press got a few pictures of the four of your together," Helena gushed, "Isn't this wonderful?"

"No," Riven snarled, causing everyone to pause, "I came here to tell you that I-"

"Riven," she blinked in surprise as Duke and Gerard also rose to their feet, "before you make your decision, we'd like to say something first."

Duke nodded in agreement, "We were honestly really surprised when you said you'd think about it. We thought for sure you'd just say no."

"We really appreciate this, Riven," Gerard said with a soft smile, "we've really missed you. And singing together, it'll be just like old times!"

"Exactly like old times," Ruben added with a smirk, pulling a small item out of his coat pocket, "we even brought your lucky microphone and everything."

Riven gazed down at the mic in the boy's hand with an almost frightened glare. It was the type that would hang around one's ear; wireless and easy to hide during a performance. This one was a beautiful purple color with a diamond painted in black decorating it.

"From all of us," Ruben's voice rose as he brushed her hair aside to place the item around her ear, smirking in the direction of the flashing cameras, "thank you, Riven, for agreeing to perform with us once again."

"But I-"

"Riven," the girl was instantly surrounded by photographers and reporters, "does this mean you'll be rejoining Trinity?"


"Are the Face Cards back together for good this time?"


"What sort of comeback song can fans expect from you?"

From within her pocket, Trixx could feel Riven begin to tremble with rage and sadness all at once. Suddenly, the girl turned and pushed past the mob and out the door with tears in her eyes.

"Aww," Helena swooned, "she's so excited she's speechless."

Bruce nodded in agreement, "Great idea giving her the microphone, Ruben."

The lead singer of Trinity merely smirked, "I had a feeling that would affect her decision."


Trixx whimpered as Riven sat huddled in front of the Eiffel Tower, curled into herself and weeping loudly.

"There there, Riven," the fox Kwami's ears drooped as she gently stroked the top of the girl's head, "it won't be that bad."

"They didn't even give me a chance to say no," she sobbed, "they knew what my decision would be so they manipulated the situation to benefit them!"

"You honestly think your parents would be so cruel to you?"

Riven paused, recalling the malicious smirk on Ruben's face, "No. Not them. Ruben. It's always been Ruben! Kicking me out of the band, coming back to Paris, pressuring me into doing this stupid performance," she stood up, her shoulders rigid and her eyes blazing, "it's was all Ruben! Everything has gone exactly how he wanted it to!"

"Riven, calm down-"

"How can I calm down, Trixx," she screamed, "Ruben has done nothing but ruin my life as soon as it starts to look up! I wish...I wish...I wish he would just disappear!"


Hawk Moth gasped as a strong wave of hate hit him.

"My," he shivered with excitement, "such utter hatred. Such anger. Energy like this must be akumatized!"

Acting quickly, he summoned a white butterfly into his hand and loaded it with dark energy.

"Go forth, my little akuma, and create the ultimate evil!"


"You don't mean that, Riven," Trixx snapped, hovering directly in front of her master's face, "you're just upset."

Riven sighed, hooking her dark hair behind her ear and revealing the microphone, which was still wrapped about her ear, "You're right. I don't mean it, but it felt good to get that off my chest."

Trixx smiled before flying forward to give Riven's cheek a hug. The black haired girl giggled, lifting her hands to gently embrace the Kwami. The girls were so busy comforting each other, that neither noticed the small black butterfly flying towards them as fast as it could. It landed on the microphone, encasing it in dark energy and forming a butterfly mask around Riven's eyes.

She gasped as she felt an ominous presence claw at her mind. Trixx flew back in surprise as Riven grasped her head and groaned in agony. The Kwami watched as she struggled to maintain control of herself.

"Trying to fight me is futile, girl," the voice echoing in her head chuckled, "and why would you want to? Aren't you tired of people manipulating you? Don't you want to have a say in your life?"

"Y-You're just as bad as them," Riven snarled, tears welling up in her eyes, "you're just g-going to use me too!"

"Ah, but there you are wrong, my dear. I am Hawk Moth, and I'm going to give you the power to regain control of your own life. Don't you want that?"

Trixx gasped again as Riven's hands slowly left her head and traveled down to the clasp on her necklace. Closing her eyes to cut off her shared vision with Hawk Moth, she ripped off the pendant and tossed it away. She couldn't let Hawk Moth discover her identity; she wouldn't! Even now, as she felt the grip on her mind tightening and her own resolve fading, her eyes remained closed.

"Yes," she finally smirked, "Hawk Moth."

"Then go forth, Siren, and destroy all those who would control you! All I ask for in return is the Miraculous of Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Vixen."

The dark energy spread from the microphone, blanketing Riven in an almost gentle embrace.


"Where's Riven," Marinette asked, gazing through the crowds in a desperate attempt to spot her friend, "I heard she agreed to perform with Trinity tonight."

The dance (which was being held in the school gymnasium) was in full swing, the entire student body having showed up and swaying happily to the beat Nino provided. Up on stage, Bruce and Helena Elliot spoke to one another over the music. Even from where Marinette and Alya stood with Kim and Adrian, they noticed their stiff body language. Reporters mingled with the students, photographers and cameramen catching as much footage as they could.

"I don't get it," Kim frowned, clearly worried, "I thought Riven wasn't going to do it."

Adrian shrugged, "Maybe her parents convinced her to do it."

"Then where is she," Alya shrugged, "I haven't seen her since school."

"Guys," the group turned in surprise to see Max weaving through dancing bodies towards them, "Riven's missing!"

"What," Kim gasped, "are you sure?"

"Her parents can't get in touch with her," the short boy readjusted his glasses, "nobody has seen her in hours!"

Suddenly, the music faded to a stop as Ruben stepped onto the stage and grabbed the microphone.

"We're so sorry for the delay, everyone," he said in a stern tone, "but apparently, a certain diva is still missing. Don't worry, Trinity will perform tonight. With or without Riven Elliot."

A few boos went throughout the student body, causing the chestnut haired boy to scowl. As he opened his mouth to speak again, however, the door to the gym burst open to reveal a single figure.

She was tall with tan skin and waist length lavender hair that hung around her like a cloak and soulless black eyes. Her makeup was dark and bold, a pair of diamonds on each of her cheeks. She wore a black top, dark purple skirt, fishnets, black and purple boots, and a pair of silver earrings to match the choker around her throat. Her arms were covered by black and purple arm warmers and an elegant microphone hung on her right ear. The microphone was a dark violet color with a large diamond shaped dial on the side of it.

"Who's that," Adrian asked nobody in particular, "she looks familiar."

"Why did everyone stop dancing," the girl smirked as she began to walk through the crowd towards the stage, the students quickly backing away to allow her passage, "I thought this was a party."

Kim gasped, "Riven!"

Marinette and Adrian's eyes widened in shock as they realized their friend had been akumatized. Ruben glared down at the purple haired girl as she hopped onto the stage to stand beside him. Duke and Gerard emerged from backstage, glancing towards their old friend in shocked fear.

"Why so silent, Ruben," she asked, "can't think of a lie to get you out of this?"

"I never lied!"

"I think we've heard quite enough out of you," she smirked as she reached up to turn the dial on the side of her microphone, "it's time someone overthrew the king!"

The crowd watched in horror as she took a deep breath a released an ear-shattering wail of sound. Ruben, Gerard, and Duke screamed as they were thrown backwards off the stage and into the drink table. Helena and Bruce, who had been standing beside Nino, rushed forward to place themselves between the boys and their daughter.

"Riven," Helena cried out, "why are you doing this?"

"Riven isn't here any longer," the purple villain cackled, "I am Siren, and I am taking control of my destiny! I will no longer be manipulated and pressured by others into doing what they want me to do!"

"Riven," Bruce scowled, taking a threatening step closer, "as your father, I order you to stop this nonsense at once!"

"Perhaps you didn't hear me, old man," Siren reached up to turn her dial up once again, "You're not in control anymore," taking a deep breath, she screamed, "I am!"

Like Trinity, Bruce was sent flying backwards into his wife causing them both to fall off the stage. The crowd screamed, turning to run towards the doors. Nino and the teachers helped Riven's parents and Trinity to their feet before followed the students out the door to freedom. Marinette slipped into the girl's locker room, not at all noticing Adrian disappear into the boy's.

"With this power," Siren chuckled, turning down the dial on her microphone, "no one will ever tell me what to do ever again!"


She glanced down in surprise to see Kim standing in the center of the gym, a look of utter horror on his face. For a moment, a look of recognition and fear flashed across her eyes only to vanish and be replaced with anger.

"I told you," she scowled, hopping off the stage and storming up to him, "it's Siren now!"

"Riven please," Kim begged, reaching out to gently lay his hands on her shoulders, "this isn't you! You're smart and strong! You can beat this."

Siren continued to stare at him, her black eyed glare slowly fading away to a confused emerald gaze.


The villain's eyes returned to normal as she whipped around to face Ladybug and Cat Noir.

"Let Kim go," Cat Noir hissed, "he's an innocent!"

"No," Kim tried to call out, "you've got it all wrong! I'm not in any danger!"

"Are you telling me what to do," Siren snarled, raising her hand to grasp her dial, "hasn't anyone told you the queen bows to no one?!"

Kim covered his ears as she sent a shrill shriek at the two heroes, who were knocked completely off their feet. Turning her dial down, Siren smirked and turned towards the jock with a glare.

"Riven," he gasped, taking a step backwards with each threatening step so took towards him, "don't! I'm your friend! You know I'm your friend!"

"I want to destroy you," she snarled, her eyes squeezing shut in rage, "but I can't. Something...inside of me won't let me do it."

"Please," he begged, "whatever is going on in your head, you have to fight it!"

"Listen to that, Siren," she froze as a butterfly mask hovered over her eyes once again, "he's trying to tell you what to do! Are you really going to take that from him?"

"Kim," Siren turned in surprise as Cat Noir rushed her, "run for it!"

"No," the taller boy cried out, "don't hurt her! She's-"

Siren grunted as Cat tackled her away from Kim, who suddenly found himself whisked away by a grappling Ladybug.

"Don't worry," she said with a smile, "we'll save Riven," landing outside the open gym doors, she released the jock, "but you need to get somewhere safe."

"I won't leave Riven," Kim said fiercely, clenching his fists, "not while she needs me!"

"But there's nothing you can do, Kim," Ladybug sighed, "leave this to the heroes."

Cat Noir's cry of pain caused her to turn in time to see him pinned to the wall by Siren's shrill shriek.

"Where's Vixen when we need her," the red heroine scowled, leaping into action, "we could sure use some sound waves of our own right now!"

Kim watched in horror as Ladybug's yo-yo wrapped around Siren's legs. Giving the weapon a yank, the villain was sent crashing to the ground. Cat fell to his knees, shaking his head in attempts to stop the ringing in his ears.

"Cat Noir," he glanced up towards Ladybug, blinking when three of them greeted his vision, "the microphone! Grab it!"

"Can't a cat recover from an injury?"

Siren snarled as the leather clad hero stumbled towards her, swaying slightly.

"Oh no you don't," she snarled, turning the dial on her microphone up even more, "it's time for the two of you to face the music!"

Cat Noir sighed in relief as his vision finally cleared up, gasping as he was sent crashing backwards once again. Ladybug covered her ears in pain, not noticing Siren sit up and untangle her legs. The villain chuckled as she rushed Ladybug, landing a powerful kick to her side. The heroine yelped in pain as she rolled to a stop beside Cat Noir.

"Yes," Hawk Moth purred with happiness, "now Siren, take their Miraculous!"

"I don't take orders from anyone," she snarled against the butterfly mask, "that includes you."

"Insolent brat," Siren screamed as a wave of pain passed through her entire skull, her hands flying up to grasp it, "you will obey me! I gave you these powers, and I can easily take them away."

Kim glanced between the purple villain and the pair of heroes regaining their bearings. His mind raced to find a way to return his friend to her old self. He had gotten through to her earlier, even if it was just for a moment. She had flat out told him that she couldn't hurt him. That meant he could help, right?

"Fine," Siren's snarl snapped him from his thoughts, "I'll take the Miraculous, and then I'll take control of Paris!"

Kim gasped as she began to walk towards Ladybug and Cat Noir, an evil grin on her face. Leaping from his hiding spot, the jock ran full force towards her. Ladybug gasped as she watched him wrap his arms around her. He pulled her back gently against his chest, laying his head upon hers.

"Riven," his whisper sent a shiver along her spine and caused her eyes to flash green a few times, "please don't do this."

"What are you doing, you fool! He's not even holding you tightly! Destroy him and take Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous!"

"I-I can't," Siren gasped, struggling against Kim's arms, "I won't hurt him!"

Kim leaped back in surprise as Siren began to scream in pain, clutching her head once again. A neon purple mask in the shape of a butterfly formed around her tear-filled eyes. He watched in horror as she turned towards him. Slowly, her hand rose to turn the dial on her microphone to its highest volume. Tears streamed down her face as she gazed at him and took a deep breath.

"Riven don't," he screamed, bringing his arms up to protect his face, "please!"

Her eyes blazed onyx and a dark grin crept onto her lips. Kim closed his eyes and braced himself, knowing full well he'd never be able to outrun her shriek. Ladybug and Cat Noir's eyes widened in horror as the boy was sent flying across the room and help up against the far wall. He could feel the pressure of the sound crushing his chest cavity. He couldn't move. He could barely breathe. All the while, his head rang and a shrill whining filled his ears.

"Lucky Charm!"

Ladybug held out her hands anxiously, catching the large horseshoe magnet easily. She gazed at Siren, noticing the steady river of tears ruining her makeup as she continued to scream at Kim, who had begun to groan in pain. Cat Noir pulled himself to his feet as his partner aimed the magnet at the villain's head. The microphone shuddered for a moment before dislodging itself from her ear and smacking into the magnet. Now that her source of power was no longer in her possession, Siren's sonic shriek faded away into nothing. Kim fell to the ground, nauseous and sore but otherwise alright. He glanced up as Siren turned towards the pair with an enraged snarl. Ladybug tossed the microphone to Cat Noir.


The swirling dark energy caused the microphone to decay and crumble away into nothing, leaving nothing but a black butterfly in its place. Siren shrieked with rage as Ladybug quickly captured the Akuma and de-evilized it. Kim pulled himself to his feet and raced forward to catch Siren as she turned back into Riven. The black haired girl had fallen into a dead feint, landing in the jock's awaiting arms. He eased her to the ground, holding her in his arms and brushing her orange bangs out of her eyes.

"Riven," he gently shook her, "Riven?"

Tears formed in the corners of his eyes when she did not respond. Ladybug and Cat Noir sent sad glances towards one another. After all, this was the first time someone had passed out after being de-evilized. Kim pulled the girl into a tight hug, supporting her head with his hand.

"Kim," he froze when a familiar voice groaned, "you're hurting me."

"Riven," he yelped with happiness, helping her sit up, "you're okay!"

"My throat hurts," she rasped out with a smile, "but otherwise I'm okay," a shadow passed across her face, "but I hurt you."

"That wasn't you," Ladybug explained with a gentle smile, "Hawk Moth was controlling you."

The black haired girl shivered, recalling the feeling  in her mind, "It was horrible."

"It's over now," Kim smiled, pulling her into another hug, "you're safe."


Hawk Moth slammed the end of his cane against the floor, causing his butterflies to take startled flight.

"I underestimated that one," he snarled as his window slid shut, "but this isn't over! I will have those Miraculous!"


Riven knelt between the bushes surrounding the Eiffel Tower. Her eyes scanned the greenery in desperation, her fingers skittering across the grass and dirt.

"I could have sworn this is where I threw it," she gasped, "oh Trixx, where are you?"

"Something the matter, young lady?"

Riven sat up and turned to meet the gaze of an elderly Asian gentleman leaning against a cane. He wore a red shirt and seemed to gaze at her with a wise glint in his eyes.

"I, uh, lost my necklace," she sighed, "have you seen it? A choker with a fox tail pendant?"

"Ah, just like Vixen's."

"Exactly like that," she said with an embarrassed smile, "it was a gift from my parents. Have you seen it?"

"As a matter of fact I have," the man nodded, pulling the necklace from his pocket, "I found it earlier, and I just knew its owner would return for it."

"Oh thank you sir," Riven smiled, leaping up with happiness and accepting the jewelry, "you have no idea how much this necklace means to me."

"I'm sure it's very important," he nodded, turning to walk away, "best not to lose it again."

"Yes! Thanks again, mister!"

Riven waited until the man disappeared from her sight before she hurried to fasten the necklace around her throat once more. Almost at once, a familiar little fox zoomed about her head.

"Riven Elliot," Trixx bared her fangs with tears in her eyes, "don't you ever do that again!"

"I'm sorry," the black haired girl sighed, "but if Hawk Moth had seen you, then he'd know I was Vixen and you'd more then likely be captured by him. I wasn't about to let that happen."

"It was my Kwami magic keeping you from being akumatized," the fox snapped, hovering in front of Riven's eyes, "the moment you removed your necklace, you didn't stand a chance."

Riven hung her head in sadness, "I'm so sorry, Trixx. If it wasn't for Kim, Ladybug, and Cat Noir-"

"Wait, Kim helped save you," the fox's eyes glinted with happiness, "what did I miss?"

Riven chuckled, pausing to pull an extra large strawberry out of her vest pocket, "I'll tell you on the way home."

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