The House on Duke ST


1. The House

“Hey guys I heard about this huge vacant mansion that’s haunted. Do any of you want to come and check it out with me” said Sammy “You can’t believe every thing you hear” said Chris replied “what do you think T.J.” Jason asked with her mouth filled with food. T.J. looked up from his phone and replied with a “what?”. “Do you want to go to the creepy haunted house Sammy was talking about” said Chris  “sure” T.J. said


            Later that day.

“Hey mom I’m going to Jason’s house to study” T.J. said “okay be back before  nine o’clock “ she said as T.J. left the house. Twenty minutes later T.J. arrived at the laundry mat were everyone was going to meet. one by one they all came. “Sammy lead the way to Duke street!” Chris yelled while riding away “Hey I’m suppose to lead.” whined Sammy “Well start moving slow poke.” said Jason as she started to race toward Chris.


            Five minutes later they arrived. “Well here we are” Sammy said while thrusting his arm franticly at the house. “Gosh you were right when you said vacant almost all the windows and doors are boarded up” said Jason in astonishment. “Well now that we are here lets go in!” Sammy said with a huge leap up onto the porch. T.J., Chris, and Jason looked at each other and then started walking up the steps. Sammy opened the door slowly and walked in. “This place looks like someone lives in it; The lights are still on, and the fans are going. ”maybe this wasn’t such a good idea” said Chris as he walked through the living area to the stairwell that lead to the second level of the house. “maybe we should leave” said Jason. “We just got here come on lets check the up stairs” said Sammy.  “ OOOOH! guys I found a secret room!,” T.J. yelled/whispered to the others. Little do they know some thing evil is among them. Watching from the shadows.

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