Lila's Life

My name is Lila, I am 21 years old, own four boutiques and a book and I am in love with one of my best friends and there is nothing I can do about it. Welcome to my life


1. Finding out who I am

My name is Lila, I am 21 years old and own four boutiques in the heart of New York City. They started off as an online store but it got so popular i was able to open a shop and then another and another and another until where i am now. my best friend is Jen and she told me i should write my own book, its pretty much about how i got to where i was. a book on how to's you could really say and it is popular, but I'm not giving the name of it away. 


I have long (comes to my mid back) chocolate brown hair with eyebrows that i am constantly getting done (a benefit to that is not having to fill them in everyday). my green eyes stand out against the colour of my hair and my skin is tan, not like extremely dark but a lot of my friends wish they had my colour skin. lets just say before my parents died, they were the best parents. they both had perfect jeans and it was like they were scientifically created in a lab, and i am a mix of both of them. 


my parents died when i was 19, and i was left alone. they were killed on the top of the Oscorp building helping spiderman with the antidote or something when a giant lizard was running around trying to infect everyone. the report said he was the last person to speak to them. but luckily i started my business when i was 17 and they helped out so much. teaching me how to own a business and run it, manufacturing all the clothing that i sell so now I'm a pro and my book explains that. I have an older brother Daniel, only by a year and he took over my parents business. they owned a few coffee shops around the place and we wanted to keep those running so we are. I go there everyday to see him and get my coffee. 


Yes i said manufacturing clothes, i have a boutique which is filled with modern styled clothes and some of it is old school but in old stock but mostly modern. and my boutiques aren't cluttered either, every shop is two stories and we keep one of every size of style downstairs for people to try on and then buy and once they do we go upstairs into the chaos of clothing racks and find the size we are missing to replace it. it keeps the stores uncluttered and neat and then while people are easily able to move around they notice more to buy. my online store still has all of my old stock which i constantly update into a separate category labelling normally "spring 2014' and 'summer 2014' etc. yes i run the online store and then i run my own blog and four businesses but thats where my best friend comes in. she is my manager and she has an accounting degree so she does my accounts saving my life and she also helps me run my businesses. every since we have met we both wanted to own our own little businesses together and now we are. 


my blog is mainly about fashion and beauty and how i style my own clothing or mix it with other peoples designs. its not as popular as my book was but i still earn money from it so thats a plus. also to add my business isn't as dear as most of the main brand fashion stores. for similar styles of clothing i find what most princes are and normally i half it, everything is cheap to make but halving the price means that i sell more so i make more. it works out really well. 


onto personal sides of things, my apartment is straight across the road from my biggest boutique. the apartment i live in is one where every floor is an apartment kind of like on the block. you walk out of the elevator and get to my front door which is black. then you walk in and to the right is a small cupboard which is my laundry where my washing and drying machine is. then to the left is the kitchen which is all white cupboards and black counter tops to keep things modern. in the middle of my apartment i have my dining room which i got an artist table from ikea and put it in so i could have bar stools instead of normal chairs to make it different. then along the back wall i have a white brick wall paper to break the modern sleek style and my TV is mounted on that wall. if you know Kylie Jenners cloud couch, mine is the same but in grey with a couple of cushions and a throw over it. behind the wall of my TV is my master bed bath and wardrobe. it isn't too big but its big enough for me. and the wardrobe is a walk in so i can't argue. to the right of the front door past the laundry cupboards is the guest bathroom and then beyond is the guest bedroom. i kept those simple and white and grey with a touch of yellow to add colour. 


normally to run my business i need a computer. i mainly use my Macbook Pro which i constantly keep on my dining room table unless i have a party and i move it out of the way and sight. but when traveling between my shops i use the 11 inch macbook air to do reports on and just general running of my businesses because it is lighter. 


To do with my friends, Ive introduced Jen. she has long blonde hair the same length as mine with crystal blue eyes and she is pale but not to pale like she has had a touch of sun. Then there is Jack who is my absolute best friend and we hang out all the time. he's dating own of my closest friends Tabitha (everyone calls her Tabby) who we are born on the same day and thats how i met him. he had dark brown hair and brown eyes and super dooper tall. like the top of my head comes up to just below his lips. then there is my other best friend Peter (Yes as in Andrew Garfield in spiderman) . who i am actually in love with and Jen knows it. she is his best friend as well and kind of spilt the news a while back when she was mad at him for leading me on. he didnt mean to but one time we were at a party and he was holding my hand and constantly hugging me, kissing the top of my head. when i was going to sleep i had to be with him and honestly thats how i knew i liked him because it felt so good but he doesn't like me back in the same way and even though he still does that when we are together a little piece of my heart is broken. but anyway, i have an entire group of other friends but they aren't as important as those three people in my life. the three people who got me through my parents dying and helping my to actually be able to get out of bed everyday. I'm so thankful for them. 


but in this weekend i said i would host one of my friends eighteenths so I'm currently just moping the apartment to get ready and tomorrow after work i am going to decorate and then saturday i have to write up a blog post and talk to my manufacturer about my lines of clothing and some new designs that i should bring out for winter before it comes. and then saturday night i party time. 

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