You're my everything

It's hard to believe that a duo could have known each other for so long and still be together. Of course, it's not in the way Juno wants. Jervis was her everything..and she's determined to become his.


16. Chapter 16

   The next day Julia introduced Juno to her sister, Nina. She was a short girl with thick hips and black hair that barely dusted her shoulders. Her arms were muscular, as were her legs. She had a kind, round face that gave someone an idea of who she was with a quick glance, but she sported chocolate eyes that held so much mystery. She was a nice girl, and the exact opposite of her supposed sister. Nina talked about her personal life and admitted being engaged and told Juno that she lives in Blüdhaven with her fiancé, Hollis.

    “Blüdhaven, huh?” Juno asked while sipping the tea Julia had rushed around to buy earlier that morning. Nina nodded.

  “It’s not as bad as it sounds, I mean, you can’t get any worse than Gotham.” Nina giggled.

  “But you can get just as bad as Gotham.” Julia quipped. Nina then swatted at her sister’s shoulder playfully.

  “That isn’t such a bad thing when you’re a cop though, it keeps you in business.” Nina joked, but Juno didn’t take this as a joke. She was a cop. Someone who might have heard about what had been going on in the GCPD over the past few weeks. She could have heard about Alice’s kidnapping. Juno tried her best to avoid seeming suspicious and she tried to let go of her worries, but she knew that the threat was still there no matter what she did. For all she knew, Nina could have been reading her like a book that whole time, this whole thing could have been a setup.

  “You’re a cop? I wouldn’t have guessed.” Juno brought up. Nina smiled and nodded. Unbeknownst to the both of them, there was tension coming off of Juno in waves, and the only person who could feel it was Julia.

  “Yep. I graduated at Gotham’s very own police academy. That’s where I met Hollis Damfino. We were partners originally, but it got more complicated, now we’re engaged.” She explained. Juno nodded and took another sip of her tea.

  “Did I tell you that this one wanted to be a psychiatrist?” Nina inquired while ruffling her sister’s hair.


  “Oh yeah. Julia over here wanted to be a criminal psychiatrist over at the asylum.” Julia looked away.

  “What happened there?” Juno asked, which prompted a long sigh from Nina.

  “Crime.” It was a short and simple answer that wrung through the halls and echoed throughout Juno’s head. It was rather hard to believe that the Julia Vance she knew was once a girl with a dream to become a doctor. Hell, it was hard for Juno to believe that Julia was a young girl at one point, a girl with a dream and a goal. It was quite the opposite of the free spirited and unpredictable girl she knew. By the time Nina had continued, Julia was gone. A door slammed down the hall before Nina finished.

  “Julia got caught doing some petty crime or whatever and she couldn’t get into any of the schools she wanted to go to, so she gave up.” She said, staring into the kitchen. Juno found herself speechless.

  “She doesn’t like to talk about it though…” Nina continued, her tone wavering between a sad and quiet tone and a confident tone. She looked at Juno once more.

  “So, how did you meet Julia? You two seem to be close.” She commented. Juno recalled The Sirens nightclub, Barbara volunteering to be hypnotized, the anger and jealousy that flowed through Juno and the voices that whispered to her and poisoned her brain, the impulse to start hacking and slashing through the crowd. Then she remembered the feeling of those thoughts melting away as Julia’s pale hand made its way onto her shoulder, thus tearing her from the dark depths of her jealous mind.

  “I met her in a popular nightclub a few months ago. Jervis was performing there and I was getting rather upset. She helped calm me down.” Juno explained in an emotionless tone. Her heart ached at just a mere mention of Jervis and she was reminded of how dearly she missed him.

  “Who’s Jervis?” Nina inquired. The simple question had disturbed the snakes in Juno’s mind and they quickly dug through her brain and infected every memory she had of him and her. She sat there as the question was asked, immediately she went blank and she stared at the wall behind Nina. She answered hastily:

  “The love of my life.” Nina squinted at this and thought about Juno’s answer. Juno seemed too emotionless to truly feel this way, right? Nina knew what love was like, what it felt like, and this answer set off red flags to the cop. She could hear the slight anger in Juno’s voice, and now the blonde wouldn’t look at her. She stared with blank eyes. Something was going on, and she was going to get to the bottom of it.

  “Is that so?” She asked. The blonde’s head snapped in her direction, her wide and blank eyes burning holes in Nina’s brain.

  “Of course, why wouldn’t he be?” She asked, her voice becoming louder and erratic. Inside, she was hurting. Nina decided to press further.

  “I don’t know. I was just wondering why he’s only come up now, that’s all. What’s he like?” She asked. Juno visibly relaxed.

  “He’s amazing. He’s understanding.”


   “He needs to pay for what he’s done. And if you think I’m going to sit here and play nuclear family with you… you’re wrong.” The sounds of his footprints echoed in Juno’s ears, prompting her to grab Antique and point it at him.

  “Don’t come near me.”  


  “He would do anything for me. He loves me.”


  “She was the only thing I ever loved and you sent her soul to heaven above!”


“I would die for him.” Juno finished. Nina sat quietly and analyzed the blonde. She seemed much more relaxed than earlier, but for some strange reason that fact did not console the cop. Nina realized quickly that she was stuck in a room with a potentially dangerous person, a dangerous person that her sister willingly let into her home the night before as she dozed in the guest bedroom. She smiled at the blonde.

  “He sounds like a great guy. Maybe one day we could trade.” Nina joked, giggling to herself afterwards. Juno, however, thought of this as a threat and found it impossible to laugh along with her. The thoughts began to return and worm their way into her. The urge to chop her into pieces twitched and burned uncomfortably in her muscles. She could feel the fuzz taking over her mind again, like it had many times before.


  “I think he’s cute. You’re lucky, Juno.” A long-forgotten girl admitted to Juno. She sat against a brick wall, her small knees against her chest, looking at Juno with a smile on her face. It was recess, and Juno was pushed aside as usual so Jervis could protect his younger sister, leaving Juno alone with the common children. On that particular day, she was stuck with Peggy Gore. She was a small girl with the kindest heart.

  That was the same day Peggy Gore went missing.

  Juno stared at the redhead across from her. She looked enamored, and Juno couldn’t bear the thought of another girl being in love with Jervis. Only she could love him. A fuzz began to creep over her mind slowly.

  “I mean, he never pays attention to anyone other than Alice, and when he does hang out with someone else he’s with you.” Peggy continued on. The more she spoke the angrier Juno got.

  It’s hard to imagine a six-year-old girl harming another in an attempt to kill them. Poor Peggy had no clue what was coming her way.

  Juno stood and gripped her pencil in her right fist. She then stared down at Peggy with an angry expression. The thoughts told her that the girl was trying to take Jervis away, they urged her to kill the girl.

  “No. You can’t like him!” Juno shouted before pouncing on the small girl. Peggy tried to fight her off, clawing at her face and arms as Juno tried to wrestle her down. Eventually, Juno got ahold of her arms and pinned them to the ground with a new burst of strength that normally happened when she had outbursts like this.

  ‘He’ll leave you for her. You have to do it. You can’t lose him.’ Juno then grabbed both of Peggy’s wrists with her left hand and rose her right. The lead of the pencil was dark yet glittering in the sun.

  Peggy was crying and calling for help, but Juno couldn’t hear anything other than her thoughts and her racing heart. The pencil came down on the center of the girl’s neck. Her green eyes widened in shock and she began to gasp for air. Juno pulled the pencil out and blood bubbled out of the wound. This did not deter the murderous young girl as she continued the action until her hands and face were covered in little Peggy’s blood. Juno still sat on the corpse when the deed was done, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to rise.

  By the time she was done, Jervis had seen most of it. The damage had been dealt, but Jervis didn’t seem to be scared by this, oh no. He saw something in Juno… he saw


  “What? No no no. You cannot love him, or at least not as much as I do!” Juno shouted hysterically as she rose from her seat. Nina jumped back at Juno’s outburst.

  “Now calm down, I was just messing with you, I have my man. I was just saying that you have a great guy by the sounds of it.” Nina said while getting up. Julia then rushed out of the hallway and stopped at the scene before her.

  “What’s going on? I heard yelling.” She asked. Nina scrambled to get to her sister.

  “It was just a misunderstanding, that’s all.” Nina explained, causing the older sibling to look at Juno. Juno stood there, clenching and unclenching her fists and breathing heavily. Julia slowly made her way toward the erratic woman before her and slid her coffee mug away from the girl before stepping between her and the coffee table and placing her cold hands on her shoulders.

  “Juno. Juno sit down.” She told her. Juno looked up at Julia, her eyes wide and glassy with tears. She then sat down and regained her composure, but refused to let the comment go.

  “She can’t love him, Julia. Only I can love Jervis.” Julia sat on the couch and reached over to place her hand on Juno’s.


  “She’s trying to take him away from me!” Juno screamed as she pointed at Nina. Julia laughed.

  “Honey, I’m doubting she wants him-” Julia attempted to reassure her.

  “No she said she wanted to trade her fiancé for Jervis.” Julia stared at Juno blankly.

  “Did you really think she meant that?” Juno looked down. The haze began to fade away as guilt rushed over her.

  “I… I don’t know what came over me.” Juno stated.

  “I need to rest.” She continued. Julia helped her up.

  “Go lay down in my room, maybe you need a better night’s sleep.” Julia told her, and she complied. After the door closed, Nina sat down.

  “She needs help, Jules.” She told her sister. Julia threw her arms up in the air before crossing them.

  “Do you think I don’t know this? I’ve been trying to ease her away from Jervis, who is an awful influence on her by the way, before I sent her anywhere. She’d snap if she felt like there was no way of seeing him. I want her to be independent before we do anything else.” Julia explained. Nina nodded and sighed at this.

  “Okay, fine, but one day she’s going to go out there and hurt someone. Then it’ll be on you.” She said before getting up.

  “I’m gonna pack up and head back to Blüdhaven. I can’t stay in the same place as someone who wants to kill me. And I want to live to see my wedding.” She told Julia as she went to the guest room.

  “Alright, Nina Damfino. Just don’t forget us Vances too quickly.” Julia smiled as she held out her arms for a hug, which Nina gladly gave.

  “I’ll see you there, right?” Nina asked. Julia nodded.

  “I promise.” As Nina left, Juno sat on Julia’s bed, staring blankly at the wall deep in her thoughts.




  Yeet! I'm back. SO. I decided to explore a little more about Juno and switch to the third person, and I introduced Nina Vance-Damfino, who is Julia's adopted sister and a cop.... but she becomes Echo soooo ya. Echo is in the story now.

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