James Potter and the Marauders BOOK 4

James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew are in their fourth year at Hogwarts. *if this is the first fanfiction you read of me, please read the previous 3 books of James Potter and the Marauders. if there are any mistakes in it you can tell me. English isn't my native language*


12. Quidditch trials

Sirius' p.o.v.:

It's pretty boring if James is the only one to have detention. That is one of the reasons why we usually get in troube together. Luckily, James' week of detention passed by quickly. And James is definetely lucky because the Quidditch trials are after his last detention. So, when James' detention finished, we both went to the Quidditch Field once we changed our clothes there. I recognised Kylie Foster and she saw us too. She walked towards us. "You're still going to give it a shot, then?" Remarqued Kylie; I raised my eyebrow. "You know, you're not the first female Quidditch player who thinks she's better than us. I wouldn't challenge me if I were you." I glared at her. "Alright, listen up everyone! Thank you all for showing up today. Any first years in the crowd are not allowed in the team. They can try it again next year." Hamblin said but nobody moved. "Foster, I'm talking about you. Come back next year." Apparently, Kylie has a little brother. Most of last year's Quidditch Team laughed. Yet, some people were whispering. "Foster? As in Talib Foster?" "His kid is at Hogwarts? No way!" I looked at Kylie and she was grinning. I'm sure this was staged. "Attention, everyone!" yelled Hamblin. "As some of you know, this is my last year at Hogwarts. So I want to win that housecup more than everything!" Everybody cheered when he said that. "Therefore, I need a Quidditch Team. Not just a Quidditch team, but the best. I won't chose you because you've made it into the team last year. I will chose you because I think you're the best." After Hamblin's speech, it was finally time for the trials. First, there were the trials for the Keeper. Merlin's beard, luckily Foster wants to be a Keeper. She's not bad. then for the Chasers. Then, it was my turn for the Beaters. There were five people going for Beaters. Usually, the Team has three beaters in case one of them gets hurt. The exercices weren't too difficult. But of course I had to prove myself. Although I think I'm one of the best. But even I have to say Matt Galant is not bad either. He's a third year. 

After the training, everyone who competed at the trials, took a shower. When we were in the Gryffindor Common Room, we all went straight to bed. No matter how good you are, the trials are alway exhausting. The next morning, I noticed James was the only one who was still asleep. I took a shower and went to the Common Room. "Goodmorning." I greeted Remus and Peter. "Goodmorning, sleepy-head." replied Remus. "Morning." answered Peter. I walked to the noteboard. Hamblin always let us know who made it into the team the next morning. Yes! James and I made it into the team. Matt Galant is a Beater as well. Unfortunately, Kylie Foster made it as Keeper. Now, I decided to wake up James so I went to the fourth floor of the Tower. "James, wake up!" I yelled. "What? What's wrong?" James asked with a sleepy voice. "We made it into the team!" I explained excited. "Team? What team?" He's still not really awake yet. "In the Chess Team." I replied sarcastic. "No but seriously, we've made it into the Quidditch Team!" I added. Quidditch is all that James needs to hear to wake up. Or perhaps Lily as well. When James finished showering, we all went to the Great Hall to eat breakfast.


Author's message:

Thank you all for reading so far! I am currently writing a novel. So an actual story instead of a fanfic. I have published to chapters on Sweek, but if you want to I can publish it on Movellas as well.

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