James Potter and the Marauders BOOK 4

James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew are in their fourth year at Hogwarts. *if this is the first fanfiction you read of me, please read the previous 3 books of James Potter and the Marauders. if there are any mistakes in it you can tell me. English isn't my native language*


11. Detention

James' p.o.v.:

After dinner, I went to professor McGonagall's office. She'd give us the detention. I knocked on her door. "Come in." I opened the door and walked in. "Mister Potter, sit down, take a piece of parchment, a quill and your ink." Apparently I was first because Malfoy knocked on the door when I sat down. Professor McGonagall ordered Malfoy the same thing. Professor McGonagall waved her wand at the blackboard. The words I must not fight appeared. "How many times?" asked Malfoy. "You have to write it a hundred times." It's strange, normally she'd say that she's disappointed or something but she didn't. Perhaps because she thought Dumbledore did. Or maybe because Malfoy is here and he's a Slytherin. I've only written the sentece five times. This is going to be a long evening. Malfoy and I wrote in silence. Both of us have accepted the punishment I guess. At least two hours have passed when I'm finally finished. Malfoy finished at the same time. "Potter?" asked professor McGonagall. I walked towards her desk. "Yes, professor?" "I assume you realise that you're lucky to have only one week of detention?"  She asked; I just nodded. "Malfoy is not a Quidditch player, it's not so bad for him. I'd be more disappointed if you couldn't train for three weeks." "I know, professor." Why does she say that? Ofcourse I know I'm lucky. "You're dismissed now, Potter." I nodded and left.

In the Common Room, Remus was reading a book while Sirius and Peter were playing Exploding Snap. They barely noticed I entered the Common Room so I joined Lily, Molly and Arthur. Lily stood up and kissed me. "How was it?" asked Lily. Arthur and Molly looked weird at me; I assume she didn't tell them. "Not bad, I just had to write I must not fight a hundred times." "Did you have detention?" asked Arthur surprised. "Yeah." I said and lifted my shoulders. Molly lifted her eyebrow. "What? It's not the first time." I mumbled. "That's not something to be proud of." Lily and Molly replied in choir. "Who did you pick a fight with?" asked Arthur. "Lucius Malfoy, he's a Slytherin." I informed him. "Yes, we've met before. Did you hurt him?" Asked Arthur; his eyes were sparkling. "Arthur!" Said Molly unpleased. She even hit his shoulder. "Oi, what was that for? You know I hate him and you know why." Now, I was surprised. "Why do you hate him?" "He likes to bully me because I study Muggle Studies." I raised my eybrow. "But there are many people studying Muggle Studies, no? I mean, Remus does it as well." I said and Arthur nodded. "Yes, but Remus isn't afraid of a fight. He won't start one but he's not afraid of it. And he's usually with you." Arthur mentioned that last one quietly but I could still hear it. "What do you mean?" "Well, don't be angry, but you're quite a troublemaker. Everybody knows that. I think many people are pretty impressed by you, Sirius, Remus and Peter. I guess Lucius doesn't dare to bully Remus. But me..." "You don't have to be afraid of him. I'm not trying to lead you on or anything, but it might be a good idea to join the duelling club, doesn't it?" I suggested. Remus, Sirius and Peter grabbed a chair and joined us. "How was your detention?" asked Sirius. I told him the same I told Lily.

Then, I noticed Hamblin walked into the Common Room. He carried a note that he hang on the notice board. I hit Sirius' arm and pointed at the note. "Oi, what was that for?" "Look at Hamblin, I guess it's for the Quidditch trials." I said. Sirius and I stook up and walked to the note. I was right, it's for the Quidditch trials. "This friday." Sirius read out loud. "I'm curious about the new team." I said. "Who says you'll make it in the team?" A girl said so I turned around. I think she's in the second year. "And you are...?" "Kylie Foster. As in Talib Foster's daughter." "You're Talib Foster's daughter? No way!" exclaimed Sirius. Our friends joined us. "Who is Talib Foster?" asked Lily. "You're joking, right? Talib Davis is Ilkley's Seeker! He's one of the most famous national seekers!" Sirius said exciting. "And you're his daughter?" I asked suspicious. "That's right. Here's a family picture if you don't believe me." She showed us a picture where she's flying on a broom; low to the ground. Her parents are standing next to her. And there he is... Talib Foster. Our surprised faces were clearly enough for Kylie because she walked away. Peter whistled. "I don't think it'll be that easy to get into the team, guys." I looked angry at him. "You're kidding right? We're in the team for two years. Besides, I bet her father trained her to be a Seeker as well..." I hoped. 'But what is she's a Chaser or a Beater?' A voice in my head warned me. That could be disastrious for Sirius and I...

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