My Brothers Bestfriend


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Chapter 1: 

 I woke up to the aroma of pancakes and bacon. I get up and fix my hair. I ran downstairs and saw that my Mom had made breakfast. She was passed out on the couch. My dad walked into the house. "Good morning sweetie." He said hugging me. "Morning father." I say and eat my breakfast. "I could fuck you so hard right now." He says. I could smell the alcohol coming from his mouth. "But I would rather do a threesome with your mom right now." He says walking over. I gag.

My mom pushes him away. "Henry, Your drunk. Stop!" She says. "No I'm Not" He stutters kissing her neck. "I can smell the beer from your mouth. Go to bed!" She yells and he goes to the bedroom and lays in bed. 

"What all did he say to you?" Mom says. "he's all like ' I could f you right now ' and ' But I would rather do one also with ur mom right now. ' and all that crap" I say. She sighs. "He needs to stop drinking so much." She says. "Yup." I say. 

I walk to my room. My brother, Jake was being loud with his friend. Playing COD. "JAKE BE QUIET. DAD IS TRYING TO SLEEP AND HES DRUNK!" I yell and they quiet down. I smiled and did my homework that I forgot to do on friday. I had been so distracted lately. There is this dude in my class that I like. He's my brothers friend. His name is Harry Styles. 

I would fuck him if I wanted to ' I thought. Shit.. Stop thinking like that. "Fuck who?" Harry says. "Uhhh... Nobody.." I stutter. "fuck me?" He asks smirking. "No shut up." I say. "I mean you would've been fine fucking me." He says. I blush. He's such a flirt kind of guy. "I like the way your body moves. Every time I see you walk and ur ass just wiggles like omg it makes me go happy. I want you to be mine so fucking bad." He whispers in my ear. He grabs my hand and kisses my hand going up my arm. 

 "We could keep it a secret or tell your brother..." He says. "How about noo.." I say. He grabs my waist and pulls me into him. "You sure you don't want this now?" He asks. "I just want u to be mine too but my brother said I can't date you." I say. "He can go fuck himself. He should let you date whoever u want to date." He says. 

I smile and think. "Can you go talk to him maybe?" I ask Harry. "Sure" He says. He walks off to Jake's room. 

This is the time... My brother may say yes or no....

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