Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


2. Chapter Two

Day after day passes but not a man or woman looks at me. Well, they may look or glance in my direction, but only turn away and select other pure breeds or non mentally disturbed ones. No I'm not insane, I'm just lonely and sick of this boring place which tortures me with it's white walls and bland tasting food. The door opened widely automatically. Interaction time with the others, great. How can it get any better than this?

"I wish I had an owner soon," Maley whimpered as she slumped next to me, she was an American domestic short hair of grey and black, with white paws. I huffed and sat up to clean my leg, stretching. A tap to the nearest window came. It's probably one of those annoying elderly men or snobby young boys who think it's funny to actually treat us like animals.

I know how that sounds. Treat you like animals; but it sounds as if you already are an animal! Well, we're half animal. Changing at will when ever we please. Though the facility doesn't want naked girls and guys being presented so when they are sure on their before purchasing thinking, the customer is given a packet of our information as well as body measurements nada what we look like in human form, half form, and animal form. It's a long and tiring process. Takes a lot out of me to tell it. Bam!

I jump and arch my back to stir up my hair, glaring at a girl who is giggling at my reaction. "I'd like that one please." Me? Oh hell no. Not with that bitch. I hiss and growl at her, racing over to reach out my paw and swat at her. She backs up considerably before a man had given her a packet of, Maley?!

"Maley!" I stop in my half turned tracks to find her being lured to the door with a  string, dammit! "Wait Maley!" I watch as she sits up proudly with the string between her teeth before hands grasp her and pull her out. No! Not my only friend here!

She's being placed in the hands of the girl who had startled me, purring and nuzzling the hand rubbing her head. Please don't go... Maley whimpers and meows at me from over the girls shoulder with a small smile as she begins to walk away with her. "Sorry Felicity, but I've found my owner!" I trotted over to the bars and couldn't help but smile. I guess it may have been a good thing.

"Hello there little one." I shivered and sprang back, seeing blue eyes watch me. A man? His tousled brown hair sat upon his head as his eyes watched me intently. What the world...? I inch away before moving to lay down at a different side of bars, though not so close to touch me through them. "Where are you going?" I feel a poke on my lower back, coming again and again as I see it's him once more. Why won't he leave me alone?

He swishes the plastic rod with a feathery end quickly, catching my attention easily. Dashing it from side to side I smile widely and tackle it. I've got you now! I meowed happily while clawing it. Seeing it being dragged away I ran up tot he bars to become face to face with the man once again. Dammit he tricked me!

He placed his hand on the thin metal bars separating me from biting him, "Come here, I won't hurt you. I wonder what your name is, Alice?" Is he serious? Ugh that's a boring name sounding like a red haired pooch. Though maybe he isn't so bad. Inching closer, I come close enough to sniff his hand, smelling pine and cupcakes. I remember cupcakes. "You're a nice one aren't you?" A rubbing feeling came to my head, which alerted me quickly and instantly. Hissing, I scratched his poked-through finger and growl, backing up to hide in a cat cave, dark and solitary.

I guess he didn't deserve that. "Sir are you okay?!" He had stood by this time as a manager came over to inspect his bleeding finger. Crap, now I'm going to be killed, this will look bad for their business!

"It's quite alright, I only startled her a bit. It was my fault in the first place. I'd actually like to look into her profile, if I may." My profile? Why does he want me when he can have pure breeds and non-violent ones with a bad temper like me. I don't like him. I hissed and curled up, feeling a soft play toy hit my face. What in the world?! I looked up to see him smirking playfully at me. He threw it at me! Did no one see that?! "I like those who play rough," and with that he stood and walked away.

What the hell is wrong with him?! How dare he throw that stuffed mouse at my face! I will never go with him ever! Though with that said, I never knew what was yet to come.

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