Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


8. Chapter Eight

"So you're Lillian," I jumped and looked to see the other strange man who lived here. He was not overly tall but had a rather intimidating height and build with blonde messy hair and bad morning breath. I hissed and jumped off the dresser, running away and down stairs to Jake sitting in his office. I leaped onto the back of his chair, not making it all the way and hung on the back of the fabric by my claws.

"What in the world are you doing?" He turned and picked me up gently, cradling me in his hold as I purred. "I have to work, why don't you go clean for me and then we'll play okay?" By this time, he had walked over, placed me down outside of his room and patted my rear forward, closing his room off to me in my animal form.

I want to spend time with you though! I meowed loudly at the door and scratched it a couple of times before giving up on the action. He's too stubborn at times. "Hah, he shut you out. Guess you can't be with him right now." I don't understand why this guy treats me so horribly! He's lucky I haven't told Master or else he'd be in big trouble! He leaned against the door frame leading to the stairway and around the corner, the living room.

"Do you want lunch?" Lunch? Food! My once hateful glare changed quickly to a happy and excited one as I raced up stairs to my room and changed into an outfit; my only outfit, might I add. A white shirt, black skirt, and matching black bra and panties, with white stockings, and a pair of white flats for outside.

I changed back to my human form and stretched before putting on everything except the shoes. I was told that shoes weren't needed inside, only outside. I personally don't like shoes. They feel weird on my feet when I try to run.

"Lunch time Cat!" I sped down the stairs and sat on the stool by the island within the middle of the kitchen. No bowl of cooked salmon or some other type of food or a glass of milk in sight. "I said, cat, not human," I was grabbed by the collar of my shirt and pulled from the stool, seeing that my food was there but on the floor in bowls, like an actual cat would eat.

"Don't call Lillian cat, Lillian is Lillian, and Lillian wishes to be called by Lillians' actual name." I struggled in his grip before he laughed and let go, I growled at him and left my food. Stupid Human! I hate him! H-He's so mean to me! Actually I'm gonna get him, and get him good!


I waited until he was asleep in his room from watching TV and not doing anything, that I slipped in. It's so dirty in here and disgusting. How could he live in here? He snoozed softly while his window was open. Hmm. Maybe I should blame my fake run away on him! Wait, I can't run away from Jake... Darn it. Looking around, I  quietly picked up and cleaned his room of the disgusting things. His clothes were practically rotting from the stench and he had pizza boxes with bugs in them sometimes too! Ew!

Closing the lid to the trash can, I rolled up my sleeves to wash the dirty dishes I collected from his room. He had so many, why can't he just be clean? With a groan, I started on the time consuming task involving water and dirty dishes.


Just one more basket of clothes to fold and I'm done. I thought while sitting on the floor and folding the last few clean shirts. He'll be so pissed that I messed up his room! I thought with an evil smile as a yawn worked itself out. Though, I'm too tired to continue... I rubbed my eye and climbed onto Daren's bed which didn't have much room since he was sprawled over the whole thing and snoring soundly.

Shedding my clothes, I laid on the side closest to the open window and fell asleep. Human clothes are so annoying to sleep in. They trap you and-Ahhh... Nighty night......

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