Harsh Truths & Kind Lies

Tore, ripped, broke.

Harriet did it to her best friends ex's face.

Alex did it to her best friends heart.


3. Chapter 3: Harriet

Alex was tipsy.

Very tipsy.

Okay fine, she was fucking wasted.

I stepped around her legs that were sprawled in front of her as she sat in front of my living room couch. Her smile was off in another land, maybe a place where boys actually appreciated her. Alex’s eyes were big and beautiful and blue. Usually they switched between colours, like a rainbow on drugs. But now they were a pure cerulean blue, and as I sat down beside her I realised, for the millionth time since I was 13, that I was completely and utterly in love. I leaned in slightly to her, just to see her reaction. She turned to me, smiling drowsily. She raised her glass of vodka Coke, and I took the opportunity to pry it from her fingertips. She pouted at me as I placed it on my left side, far from her reach.

‘I was drinking that.’ She said, reaching over my stomach to try and grab the glass. I sighed, pushing her hand back to her side.

‘Fine.’ Alex spat, but there was a spark in her eye. I went to grab the radio remote from the coffee table in front of me, when she pounced, straddling me, her knees at my hips.

If I was a guy right then, let me tell you, shit would have gotten awkward really quickly.

I held my hands up in defeat, too stunned to speak. Alex smirked, picking up the glass from my side and tipping the contents down her lovely throat. I watched her lips as they came off the glass, and she set it back down, satisfied. Her lips moulded into a small ‘O’ shape as she realised the position she was in.

‘Um, I better-‘ I stuttered, but her finger came to my lips. She shushed me, her thumb running over my bottom lip. I shuddered. She smiled sweetly at me, leaning in.

‘Admit it, you’ve wanted this since we were 14.’ She whispered, her breath tickling my ear. Was this actually happening? No. It was a dream. Any moment I would wake up, and I would be back to being the girl that punches ex-boyfriends because she’s so desperately in love with her best friend.

’13.’ I corrected Alex. ‘I’ve wanted this since I was 13.’ I gulped. Any second now, I’ll be awake.

‘Your wish is my command.’

Alex leaned in, her lips brushing mine softly. I gave up. I placed my hand on the small of her back, deepening the kiss.

And I still wasn’t awake. 

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