Our love in the shadows

Isaiah and Megan one day were the best of friends and they were super close one day she fell for him and he fell for her what happens when things take a turn for the worst. *carve the Mark Writing competition* *Forbidden love category*


1. Chapter one

Megan's P.O.V

Two years before

It was the first day of Junior High and my stomach was doing somersaults I was nervous time was passing by so quickly. Feels like it was yesterday that I was very young now I'm a teenager and I'm starting to experience new things I'm starting to get into liking guys and having new friends. I walked into homeroom and instantly spotted a few new people since the previous year I had not had many friends I slowly walked over to them hoping that I could make friends with them. There was a girl she was really pretty and seemed nice I walked over to her and said "Hey I'm Megan I have never seen you here before I was wondering are you new to this school" She replied "oh hi I'm Beth, and yes I just moved here from Florida" I smiled at her and said "nice to meet you Beth you have a friend in me just know that" She smiled and then looked down and what she was doing. I noticed a random guy who looked like he was kinda lost and new here I was still on the shy side to talking to most guys. I hoped that me and that new guy and Megan would become friends they seems nice. 

Isiah's P.O.V

I was nervous this was my first day in this school system I know nobody here I moved here due to personal reasons that my mom's had they did not elaborate on any details and all I could do was agree with their request to move here. Things were rough on me with everything I've been through I had to leave all of my friends and the people I liked and everything else. I saw some girl and get up and talk to another girl who looked as lost as me I was guessing she was new here too. I was glad to know that I was not the only one who was new here, the girl who walked over to the new girl have a shy glance towards where I was I wonder if she was looking at me I guess not, because soon she looked away. I was not too nervous I was more anxious since I knew nobody, but most people seemed nice I was positive I would make some great friends once I got to know everybody here. My thoughts drifted back to the girl who glanced towards where I was sitting. I was curious at who she was looking at. She seemed nice.



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