Star-The Empire Chronicles: Rise of The Empire

Exiled by his own people for fear of him becoming a dictator (even though he was nothing but kind and essentially created their utopia) as his future self began terrorizing them and his wife nearly killed him all because he spends more time trying to help his people and prove his innocence rather than be with her and their children. Now, begins his revenge.


10. 10

Just as the room appeared, Michael was thrown and slammed his back against the back of the throne before falling on his rear with blood running down his lips as both of his cheeks look red as if someone slapped him hard.  Michael whipped the blood off as he looked at his hand, smirked and looked up to see Lord Serenity standing over him and said, “Looks like this is going to be harder than I thought.” Lord Serenity (untouched) looked down at him as he smirked and said, “It would be impossible Michael.  I know myself very well.” He grabbed Michael by both collars and yanked him up, only for Michael to place both his feet on Serenity’s legs, vaulted himself as he flipped backwards and landed on his feet on the other side of the throne.  In a blink of and eye, Serenity tripped Michael, flipped him over and locked his right arm and legs behind him as Serenity pulled trying to break Michael’s back.  Michael grunted and growled as he struggled to break from his grip when suddenly, using all his body force, he flipped Serenity over and slammed his back onto the deck and then tried to lock his arm and legs as Serenity did to him when Serenity easily slipped beneath him, flipped in the air and kicked Michael’s back sending Michael sprawling onto the deck.  Serenity smiled and said, “Come on, you can do better than that.” As Michael tried to get up Serenity tried to punch him in the back only that Michael immediately turned around and grabbed his fist and began to squeeze as Michael cringed in anger.  Serenity smiled and continued to smile as Michael squeezed and said, “Good, very good.  But, I was weak at this age in my life.” He then pulled his fist away, ripping it out of Michael’s grasp, and made a roundhouse kick only for Michael to block it with his right forearm.  Just as Michael blocked it, Serenity flipped in the air (over Michael’s right forearm) and made a sideways figure eight as he tried to make a roundhouse kick with his right foot and kicked Michael across the face, knocking him onto the deck.  Serenity laughed and yelled, “See!  I know all of my moves!” When Michael got back up Serenity made another roundhouse kick to surprise him only for Michael to grab his foot and twist his leg.  Unfortunately Serenity counteracted the move by making another figure eight but Michael knocked his foot away and charged forward and grabbed Serenity by the collar, only for Serenity to grab him in a bear hug and tried to snap his back.  Michael immediately yanked his body back and slammed onto the deck forcing Serenity’s grasp to loosen and then he grabbed Serenity’s throat with both hands and squeezed only for Serenity to smirk and rasp, “This could take awhile.” Michael glared at him in anger and replied, “It will.” And he head butted Serenity in the face making him fly back as he yelped in pain and blood from his nose flying into the air.


    Lord Serenity whipped his nose before drawing his black sword and he said, “Let’s settle this the old fashion way.” Michael reached behind his back and forced his hand underneath his black leather uniform and pulled out a hilt of a sword as it formed into a whole as he drew it before him and he replied angrily, “Gladly.” And they both yelled in anger as they crossed swords.  Lord Valkyrie watched as himself and Lord Serenity had a sword fight and moved around and back and forth around the throne room both attacking and blocking each others swords but it continued on as a stalemate as they are both himself in the past and future and knew each others moves till all of a sudden Lord Serenity kicked Michael in the mid-section and threw him off his feet and landed on his back.  Suddenly Lord Serenity screamed as he raised his sword and brought it down on Michael, only for Michael to just block his sword with his own and they both grunted as they struggled pushing each other’s swords at each other.  Unfortunately as it started Serenity pushed harder and his black sword began cutting through Michael’s as Michael looked with wide, shocked, eyes till suddenly the sword broke in half and the black blade came down and struck Michael deep into his right shoulder, sending blood oozing out and Michael cried out in pain.  Serenity grabbed Michael by the collar and pulled him till his face is right in front of him and Serenity yelled, “YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT....” Suddenly Michael stabbed Serenity’s right eye (deep) with a large knife and Serenity screamed so loud that Michael cringed as his ears hurt.  As Serenity was distracted by the pain and tried to grab the knife (more close to a sword), Michael kicked Serenity in the mid-section with both of his feet that Serenity flew back till he bounced off the wall and fell forward hard onto the deck.  Serenity scrambled up and sat back up against the wall and in one motion he yanked the knife out of his right eye socket and skull with both hands and blood and hydraulic fluid sprayed out till Serenity immediately covered where his right eye was with both hands and blood and hydraulic fluid immediately began seeping through.  Michael grunted as he stood up and brushed himself off as he looked at Serenity’s anger/painful expression and said, “Now their won’t be any confusion of who’s who.” There was a sound of a woman screaming in anger and Michael turned right and saw Chloe with a samurai sword raised over her head as she fell towards Michael and Michael stepped back just in time as it made a deep gash from his right shoulder down to his right hip and he stumbled and fell onto his back as blood flew into the air and Chloe landed on her feet.

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