diary of the living Punching bag

Hello guys this is going to be my first "story" since i signed up for movellas. So i really hope you enjoy. It's about this girl who spends her life as human punching bag and she writes in her diary everyday. Meaning that she gets bullied and she gets abused by her father. Who became an alcoholic after her mother died in a car crash on the way from the bar. Her dad was driving and he looks to drinking as an escape but he takes it out on her. She has one friend but she starts dating this really cool guy from another school. Jane is her name. She's alone most of the time now. Until........
she meets this guy named Ryan. He and her talk every night. He is her escape from the real world. Do they get together. Do they run away. Let's find out.


2. The next morning


                                                                                                                                                                     May 21 2015 



                                 Dear diary,


            Well.... Last night i got a call. My mom and dad got into a car crash. My dad is fine but they won't tell me how my mom is until my dad is in there with me. Why? What's wrong with her? I'm so scared. All I can think about that might keep me sane is to write in my diary. Until i know what is happening. Lilly is sleeping next to me. I can't sleep. I just know something is wrong with her. I dont know what but something is and it can't be good. Is she in a comma is she dead? No she can't be because then everything will fall apart. She's not dead i can't think the worse. I have to think the best. But maybe thinking the worse is better so if she is okay then it'll be easier than thinking she's okay and she not being okay. I dont know what to do or think its all hitting me to hard right now. Fuck. I'm scared and i have no way out of this. I can't turn back time. I can't change the past and make them stay home with me. Oh the doctor is coming i'll let you know when i find something out.                                                                                                                                                                                                    




Well my dad is okay. My mom.....she passed away. They said they didnt wanna tell me because they were still trying everything they could to save her. I believe them. It's just shocking. What am i to do without her here? Mom..... Whyy? what did i do to deserve this. They wanna get my dad for a DUI and manslaughter. But my grandma is looking for a good lawyer. He might lose his job he said because they dont want that face and they dont want someone who is accused of manslaughter to be the v.p. Like i mean he shouldn't have been driving but i dont blame him. Hes barely talking and i have a feeling that he thinks it's his fault. I know what things like this does to someone who thinks it's their fault. I mean from movies but still. If he loses his job we'll have to move and that means i'll have to leave Lilly. and that's the last thing i want to do. She hasn't left the hospital with me since we got here and that shows that she is my true best friend and nothing can change that. She's been begging me to get some sleep and i think i might just do that. If i can it's gonna be real hard because i  have a lot of things going through my head right now and when i think and try to sleep i can't it's really hard.


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