diary of the living Punching bag

Hello guys this is going to be my first "story" since i signed up for movellas. So i really hope you enjoy. It's about this girl who spends her life as human punching bag and she writes in her diary everyday. Meaning that she gets bullied and she gets abused by her father. Who became an alcoholic after her mother died in a car crash on the way from the bar. Her dad was driving and he looks to drinking as an escape but he takes it out on her. She has one friend but she starts dating this really cool guy from another school. Jane is her name. She's alone most of the time now. Until........
she meets this guy named Ryan. He and her talk every night. He is her escape from the real world. Do they get together. Do they run away. Let's find out.


1. The beginning


                                                                                                                                                                       May 20th 2015


                         Dear Diary,


Today dad got a promotion. He's the vice president of the company finally he's been waiting forever for this i am so proud of him. So is mom. Shes planned this whole surprise party. Then she says they are going to have a night on the town alone. I know what that means they are going to the bar. They never drink too much so i'm not worried.  They been doing a lot better lately. After a year of marriage counseling, considering the guy was never married so how would he have any idea on how to "fix" them. But i was wrong because he did. They are happy like they just met again for the first time. They are so in love its kinda romantic. I hope i can have what they have one day. The party Is at 5 and moms out buying me the prefect dress for the party. I dont like dresses very much but it won't hurt right. Moms always been so proud of me so i guess i can return this favor and wear a dress for one night. Well gotta go i'll finish this up later mom's home with the dress

                                        xoxox    Jane                                       


So the party is finally over lasted alot longer than i thought it is now 8:45. Mom and dad just left and i called Lilly to come over and hang out so i'm not alone for the next like 4 hours. Dad was not expecting the party by no means. He liked it i'm sure i mean why wouldn't he? 

so Lilly, right she's my bestfriend. We met in the 3rd grade and i kid you not we are 16 now and i wouldnt change anything about her. she was there when my parents were on the edge of divorce. She was there when i had my first melt down. And not to mention my crush on the caption of the football team. Which turned out horrible because once i told him he acted so cool and i really thought i would have had a chance. But i guess not. He thought of me as just a booty call. I promise i still have my V card. My mom always told me if i lost it to someone that i didn't love it wouldnt be special. I havent met that person. So yeah. But all though that Lilly was there to be my backbone. I love her she is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. speak of the devil she just pulled up. 

xoxoxo Jane




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