The Golden Adventure

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  • Published: 1 Feb 2017
  • Updated: 31 Jan 2017
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A short story about a little adventure. I just had some random inspiration. 1111 words.


1. The Golden Adventure

The Golden Adventure


We just got here. At this little blue house in the middle of nowhere. I can see a giant forest behind it and all around it. My mind immediately drifts off to all the mysteries inside it.

The second i step out of the car I can feel it.

The magic.

It’s like an energy running through the place, playing on the wind, tickling my face. It fills me with excitement. I want to run out there, hear the dry leaves crumple under my feet, feel the skin of the trees against mine, as I walk past them, my hands stretched out. I want to smell the moss and listen to the chuckling chat of the river.

I want to feel the magic even closer. I want to see it with my eyes.

I start running. I feel the wind paying around me, and i smile. I get into the forest and i hear a whisper. It’s calling for me and I follow it. I see small creatures everywhere I look. They’re all around me, but they keep their distance, like they are observing me. Trying to figure out, if I’m an enemy or not. They look curious, just like I’m feeling. They follow me through the forest all the way to an amazing place.

I see two small trees completely covered in leaves, with tiny gold details. They are standing a little distance away from each other, but the trunks lean towards the other, tangled together, becoming one.

The whisper lead me here, and I can hear it clearly now. It’s coming from the little gap in the arch between the tangled trees. Come is all it says. Come.

The creatures all around me have come closer. They no longer feel intimidated by me. I move towards the arch and a little creature I have never seen before comes out in front of me. It looks like the branches of the trees, but it’s moving and I can see a tiny face on it. I kneel down and smile at it. I wave carefully to it, to greet it, but trying not to scare it away. It smiles back at me, so I can see little teeth inside its mouth. It gestures for me to follow. And I do.

I walk slowly towards the arch, and I feel the magic growing stronger with every step. The wind is getting more and more powerful, and my clothes whip around me. I duck a little and go through the arch.

I step into  a whole different world. Suddenly all the trees look older, and the air smells sweeter, the wind feels more energetic. I turn around slowly on the spot, looking around me. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The tiny branch man steps out in front of me, and I see him growing bigger, until he is the height of a human. He is smiling at me, and I smile back. He steps aside gesturing a small path going through the colourful plants and flowers. I can see tiny gold rocks all the way along the path, glittering in the sun. I walk along it and look around. I can hear the rush of a river nearby. I hear the wind playing in the treetops. I smell the sweetness of the flowers. I can feel the plants and flowers tickling the bare parts of my legs as I walk.

I see creatures just like outside in my old world, but in here they look much more majestic. I see a squirrel, but it’s not normal. It has amazing colours, and it’s flying around on golden, glittering wings. It’s holding a fine golden sword, and has a little matching helmet on. It makes me think of a warrior. They must be protecting the forest from bad things.

I see dragonflies in every colour of the rainbow. They fly around me in one big group, circling me in, greeting me, like I belong here. And I feel like I do. I feel the most free I’ve ever been.

I see mushrooms in green, blue and pink moving around on the path in front of me. They look up at me, like they admire me, and I greet them with smiles. I look back at the branch man, the forest guard. He signals for me to continue walking, and I do. I look at the beautiful forest while I walk. I see how the scenery changes. I start seeing little house everywhere. Bigger ones in the trees and smaller ones on the forest floor. They all look like fantastic places to live.

In front of me the path split into two, and I look back at the forest guard for the direction, but he simply gestures to me, to tell me, that I have to choose myself. I look down the two patches.

The right one seems to be going to a smaller part of the forest village I’m in. The left path seems to be going to the centre of the village, the more crowded part.

I look back at the guard again, and he smiles at me and nods.

I go left.

I walk slowly. There is even more houses here, and the creatures living there comes out to look at me with curious faces. Some smile at me, others even greet me with a little wave. I look forward and stop, almost paralyzed with the beauty in front of me.

A huge cluster of trees are in front of me, forming a castle. White flowers grow up the trunks of the trees, making it look even more magical. I can feel the energy coming from it, like it’s the source of the magic in the forest. The guard behind me puts his hand gently on my shoulder and nods toward the castle with a smile. I thank him and continue down the path. He doesn’t follow me any longer.

I get to the castle, and it looks even more magical up close. I can see that the white flowers have tiny gold details in the leaves. I can’t help but touch one of them, and it makes them all spring to life. They start singing the most beautiful tones I have ever heard, in a language I don’t understand. I do understand that it’s a song about adventure and happiness.

I stand back a little, admiring the beautiful sight, and see a little door with lots of golden details. They look like gold branches with leaves, swirling up the door. I grab the handle and push the door open.

I walk through and my next adventure begins.

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