The Bully

Everyone knows Josh Dun. Everyone knows that in middle school he beat someone up for no reason. Everyone knows to avoid him. Everyone knows you can't talk to him if you do he'll beat you up. But what happens when the shy boy on the top of the honor roll decides that Josh isn't that bad? And what if Tyler is wrong?


8. Reckless

Tyler was standing by his locker watching his peers walk through the crowded hallway.

"Hey, dude!" Brendon called, stopping to stand next to Tyler.

Tyler couldn't help but smile. What he did felt so wrong. Sneaking out of the house to see a boy he wasn't allowed to.

"So, I did it."

Brendon's eyes widened.

"You took my advice seriously?"

Tyler nodded.

"And it worked?"

"Yeah I taught Josh how to climb a tree."

"Um, actually I totally could've. I was just tired," another voice chimed in.

"Hi, Josh," Tyler greeted, feeling his cheeks warm up.

"Hi, Tyler."

"I can't believe you two. Who in their right mind would do something Brendon Urie told them to do?"

"Probably Sarah," Josh said with a wink.

Brendon blushed. "Okay, Sarah does not like me."

"Yeah okay, you keep telling yourself that," Tyler added, "Besides we didn't really do what you told us to do."

Brendon shrugged. "You're still dumb."

Josh chuckled and walked off.

Brendon waited until Josh was out of sight.

"Okay but dude, you and Josh are so cute."

"Dude what? I thought you hated him."

"I kinda do but you're my OTP."



And with that, they both walked off to their classes.



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