The Little Cub

Book #1

Two different species who fall in love, one with a destiny the other born into it as the son of Adam and the daughter of Aslan, can these two do what they were meant to and to protect each other?

Read the story to find out more.


2. The First One / Edmund goes to the Wardrobe

The next morning arrived Edmund woke to still a fur warmth feeling beside him as it was Elizabeth he didn't want to get up, how anyway? It was raining. Her little eyes woke yawning seeing it rain hoping to go outside.

"I see you want to go outside." He said as he watched her peering out the window.

Without further questions Edmund grabbed his raincoat and picked up the little cub heading outside it wasn't cold nor warm but both the rain drizzled for a while as he sat under the tree watching her play in the mud, lizzy came over to him and dragged him with her teeth tugging on his sleeve playfully.

Hours of playing with his cub Edmund just laid there letting the rain drop on him completely soaked he then saw Lizzy lay on her back facing the other way as their heads met he looked to her and reached with his other hand.

Transforming willingly she allowed herself to be a human, he sat up and looked over his shoulder getting up offering his hand to her as she took it, the two stood inches from each other.

Lucy meanwhile was outside looking gloomy bored out of her mind, she noticed the two and gasped shocked.

"Susan, Peter come here." She quietly called out to her siblings.

What they saw was a romance starting to blossom lucy smiled with a wide gap as she was waiting for something to happen, the two lovebirds outside looked up at the rain.

"I know what you're thinking..." lizzy said with a smile.

Edmund just smiled and put his hand behind the back of her wet hair "come on we should go."

After getting her dried up in her cub form he carried her to the library where Susan was playing a dictionary game looking for what's the Latin word for a specific name, Lizzy sat where Edmund was underneath a chair and her sitting on it looking down towards him.

Lucy was sitting at the window bored out of her mind.

"Gastrovascular..." Susan said to Peter but no answer from him "come on Peter Gastrovascular."

Peter sighed and looked to Susan "is it Latin?"

Getting out from underneath the chair he picked up his cub as Edmund laid her on his lap "is it latin for -- worse game ever invented?"

Susan just gave him a look then lucy came over suggesting a game "we could play hide and seek." Just a scoff came from Edmund as Lucy turned back to Peter "come on Peter, please?" She puts puppy eye face "pretty please? Mmm..." lucy whined.

Peter knew the only way to get it her way was to play "1... 2... 3... 4" Edmund looked at Peter what? As he covered his eyes counting up to ten.

Everyone went to find a hiding spot it wasn't easy for Lucy as she was pushed by Edmund with the cub hiding with him.


Lucy came back all of the sudden shouting "I'm back I'm back" Edmund poked his head out telling her to be quiet, Peter came over.

"I'm not sure you two have got the quite idea of this game."

Lucy looked confused "weren't you wondering where I was?" She asked.

Edmund came out with lizzy from the curtains "That's the point, that is why he was seeking you."

"Do I win?" Susan asked coming over.

"I don't think Lucy wants to play anymore," Peter said to Susan.

"I've been... gone for hours," Lucy said quietly glancing up at her three siblings.


Back in the spare room all of them except Lizzy who came from the wardrobe looked, Edmund even knocked on the harden back of it.

"Lucy the only wood in there is the back of the wardrobe," Susan told her what she saw.

"One game at a time Lu, we don't all have your imagination."

After Peter said that the four walked out of the door until lucy spoke up.

"I wouldn't lie about this!"

Edmund then walked up to her making a joke "I believe you," He told her.

"You do?"

"Yeah, didn't I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard."

"Oh, will you just stop," Peter began "you just have to go make everything worse don't you?"

"It's just a joke." Edmund defended himself.

"When are you going to learn to grow up," Peter told him.

"Shut up! You think your dad but you're not!" He said to Peter running out causing lizzy to follow after him see if she could catch him on time.

"Well, that was nicely handled," Susan said sarcastically to Peter going after the cub and Edmund.

"It really was there..." She said quietly.



Another night arrived as Lucy knew it was there, she didn't doubt it one bit, as she went across the hall back to the wardrobe a little cub sat there by the wall of the bathroom door while Edmund went to the bathroom, he came out seeing lucy go to the wardrobe.

Following him, she knew one was enough but two in Narnia this wasn't good, as he walked in the spare room calling out to lucy.

"Lucy... where are you?"

"Edmund please, don't one was enough now you," Lizzy begged him tugging at his robe trying to stop him.

"Stop it." He whispered gently picking her up opening the door of the wardrobe with one hand. Going I'm with her "hope you're not afraid of the dark."

He walked through only to trip on a branch causing Lizzy to laugh a bit, she hopped through the snow while he called out for her only to hear the sounds of bells. She knew who was coming.

Pale and white the sleigh was, it was the white witch she recognized it, hoping he wouldn't be tempted she watched what would happen as the dwarf grabbed her by the scruff while the two talked.

"Let go you mangy dwarf!" She said growling, seeing she was sat at the bottom of the sleigh while he got tempted.

"No don't." She told him but the white witch glared at her to shut up.

This was why she didn't want him to go in the wardrobe as he asked for Turkish delight she hit her head knowing it's a spell of temptation.



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