The Little Cub

Book #1

Two different species who fall in love, one with a destiny the other born into it as the son of Adam and the daughter of Aslan, can these two do what they were meant to and to protect each other?

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6. A sacrifice for True Love

Winter was ending and all the white witches power was draining, Edmund was with Jadis and Ginnabrik as he began to take off his coat feeling so warm now.

"It's so... warm out." He said looking to the white witch only to find her glaring at him, it made Edmund snort a little.

Beyond the trees, the wolves appeared with both the fox and Lizzy in her human form tied up while Maugrim pushed her with his tail as she was surrounded by them, sideways forward and back in case she made a run for it.

Edmund gasped watching, I thought she went to find help? He thought in his mind walking to the right side of Jadis now.

"Please I'll do anything you ask," He begged the queen, gulping softly it was definitely regrettable but something inside warmed him when she's near, his heart raced both scared and love inside.

He was starting to feel.

"Let him go you blasted witch." She glared at her.

"Oh, then I bet you have no problem I did this?" She asked faking, then turned the fox to stone and went to slap Edmund but before she could Elizabeth got in front taking the hit instead. Holding where it hurt her.

Astonished by taking the hit Edmund could only watch.

"Think about whose side you're on, Edmund mine..." Jadis asked him standing a little distance from them. "or hers?" She paced around him.

"I said. Let. Him. Go." Elizabeth gritted teeth enunciating every word she said not playing games anymore nor was Jadis.

"Gather my army, if it's a war Aslan wants," she raised her wand freezing a butterfly into a statue "Then it's a war he shall get." Jadis turned to face her now "and why? He asked for what he came for he belongs to me."

Glaring she looked into the eyes of the witch "No. He does not, his blood is not your property."

"Then who does he belong to?" She asked.

Silence fell on Lizzy as Jadis smirked seeing the little cub has no answer "quiet... are we, clever kitty.



The three remaining Pevensie's walked to Aslan's camp as all the animals stared at them, Susan most uncomfortable about this looked around.

"Why are they all staring at us?" She asked.

"Maybe it's because you look funny," Lucy replied to her sister.

Peter smiles.

Mr. Beaver saw that Mrs. Beaver was fluffing her fur as he stopped her "Oh stop your fussing Mrs. Beaver, you look lovely."

Peter pulls out his sword and to Orieus he said: "we have come to see Aslan."

The tent starts to blow in the breeze and everyone kneels. Aslan comes from the tent and the children kneel.

Aslan said to the three. "Welcome, Peter Adam's son. Welcome Susan and Lucy daughters-of-eve, but where is the fourth not to even ask where is my daughter?" He knew why to bother asking knowing she's a reckless spirit to disappear from her own father although Aslan sought to not bother with her anymore since she practically doesn't listen to him anyway.

Peter got up with his siblings as he told Aslan."That's why we are here."

Susan explained better and told him "We had a little trouble along the way."

This hurt Peter to dare speak that his own little brother was captured by the white witch as he told him. "He's been captured by the White Witch, and I believe your daughter as well."

The crowd caused an uproar talking all at once. "Captured!"

Mr. Beaver said to his majesty. "They betrayed them your Excellence!"

Fiercely Orieus said "Then they has betrayed us all"

With a growl, he said to Orieus. "Peace Oreius."

Ashamed to admit that all this wouldn't happen if he hadn't been too hard on Edmund and making Elizabeth run off with him, he told the truth. "It is my fault really. I was too hard on him."

Putting a hand on his shoulder she turned to face him also. "We all were."

Lucy turned to him now as a small whisper came from her tone. CSir, he's our brother."

Aslan's eyes turned to face Lucy and spoke calmly "I know dear and that makes the betrayal all the worse. It may be harder than you think, my daughter would be with him by now. I know what she's up too."

Peter stood on a hill as Aslan came beside him.

Aslan took a minute and explained to Peter. "That is Cair Paravel of the five thrones one of which you must sit as High King."

Peter stayed silent.


Noticing the silence he asked him. "You doubt the prophecy?"

Then Peter turned his glance from the castle "No, that's just it... I'm not who I think I am"

Aslan smiled and answered him only this "Peter Pevensie formerly of Finchley. Beaver also said you wanted to turn him into a hat. light laughs "Peter there is a Deep Magic that rules over Narnia. It defines right from wrong and helps us fulfill destinies, both yours and mine.

Silently he told him "I don't think I will be able."

Aslan ignored and made a point to him calmly "You were able to get your family here."

Shaking his head lightly he replied "Not all of them."

Aslan told Peter what he would do but he couldn't make any promises "I will do what I can for Edmund. I too want my family safe. The last thing I want is Elizabeth to get in another mess."

Peter thought about it then got curious "hey, why did you say I doubt my prophecy?"

"Every queen needs a king does she not?" He only said in response.

Peter looked to him and now understood, to be queen for Elizabeth she'd have to marry him as he will be high king one day.


Susan and Lucy had gone down the river as they stood by it.

Susan looked at her new green dress she was in while lucy wore a grayish kind and they're hair were tied back. "Mother hasn't had a dress like this" Her tone sounded quiet but not enough to Lucy. "since before the war"

Lucy had gone quiet and came up with an idea to bring back their mother the dresses. "Maybe we had brought back a whole trunk load when we go home.

Quietly Susan basically muttered "If we go home," she turned to see Lucy's sad face "Sorry I guess I am like that. Remember when we use to have fun?"

Lucy mumbled "Yes," she then laughed "before you go boring."

Susan replied while raising an eyebrow "Oh really" Splashes water and this continues as Susan goes to get a towel and... wolves growled scaring Susan backward with Lucy.

Another one turned up on their left, saying. "Now, We're very tired. We'd prefer to kill you quickly.

Susan threw the towel at it.


Peter and Aslan were talking until Susan's horn is blown, Peter runs to her direction, Aslan follows


Back at the river Susan and Lucy are in a tree and wolf trying to get them. Peter come through the river Aslan pins the second wolf to the ground and says to his group

"Stay back. This is Peter's battle."

The wolf attacks him. And everyone thinks he is dead

Both scream "Peter... no!"

They run up to him and see he is alive and looks disgusted by killing the wolf. Aslan lets go the other wolf

Aslan ordered his men "Follow him! He'll lead you to Edmund and my daughter." Then he turned to Peter "Peter, clean your sword."

A while later Aslan has his paw on Peter's left shoulder kneeling him correctly, putting it down he speaks "Rise, Sir Peter Wolfsbane--Knight of Narnia."

Peter looks at Aslan in awe All embrace him and are excited about this looking to Aslan who nodded and smiled as to making Aslan nod and smiles back.

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