Silver Pendants

A story about 3 girls who end up in the strangest of situations


14. Ash's POV (Chapter 14)

I can hear Chloe approaching and put my phone away.

"You beat me.", she says. "How fast can you even get on that thing?"

"Eh. I guess it just depends on how fast you go.", I reply. I turn to the hut. "Anyway. Shall we?", I ask.

"We shall.", she grins, laughing.

We head inside and just talk for a while. I lost track of time after a while. Eventually, I start to tell her about Mom, and how bad her alcohol problem was getting. I assumed she already knew from the gossip from around the school, but I mean she at least pretended to look surprised. She even gasped when I told her about the abuse. I pretended not to notice. 

She told me of how her mother passed away young, and how she now had to pay most of her house's bills. That must've sucked. We were just about to open a liter of Pepsi when she shushes me.

"What?!", I whisper-scream.

I can't hear anything but her eyes widen and she stands up just as someone flings the door open. I stand as fast as I can and I'm ready to fight anyone who came in. It's a girl with long, black hair and a coffee-stained hoodie on. She's the girl from the bus. The girl who punched that dick in the face! I decided not to say anything, considering I doubt she knows who I am. 

"Thank god.", she whispers, holding the pocket knife to us. "Who the hell are you guys?!", she says, louder.

I don't say anything and just look at Chloe, confused.

"I'm Chloe, and that's Ash.", Chloe says, pointing to me.

"Ha! You look like a shorter version of Kylie Jenner!", she smirks.

"Excuse me?!", I raise my eyebrows and step towards her, but Chloe puts her hand on my arm, stopping me. 

The new bitch smirks at her win.

"Now, if you could so kindly get out of my hut.", she says flatly.

"This is yours?", I scoff.

"No, I'm watching it for the Easter Bunny."

"Bitch, calm down we'll leave.", Chloe says, grabbing my arm and practically pulling me out of the place.

"Wait!", she suddenly yells.

"Oh my- what now?", I groan, turning to face her, arms crossed.

"Those are mine.", she says, pointing to the necklace around my neck.

Huh. I forgot about that.

"And how do I know that?", I ask, smirking and raising an eyebrow.

"Those were in the hut right? And as I said before, the hut is mine.", she holds her hand out, expecting for us to just give them to her. I look at Chloe. She doesn't seem too convinced either. 

"How do I know you're not lying?", I ask.

"You're fucking right?! In this hut! On those hooks!", she screams.

I someone tone out what she's saying and just stare at her blankly as she screams. Suddenly, I see her grip tighten on the knife and she throws it towards me and Chloe.

My eyes widen as I see the knife but I don't move. Chloe gasps and jumps to the side, her eyes wide. It lands right next to my ear, between her and I, stuck in the doorway. My hair swishes as it goes by. I tilt my chin up and cock my head to the side. I stare at her blankly. She's breathing hard as tears stream down her face, scowling.

"Give them back....", she growls.

"You know how to aim that huh?", I ask, smirking.

If I'm being honest, it was actually pretty hard to stay confident and cool when you just had a knife thrown at you. It was all I could do not to move away from it. I take a step towards her with my arms crossed. I'm almost face to face with her as I reach up and take the necklace off and drop it on the ground. I can see the fury on her face as I spin on my heel. I see Chloe gave the necklace to the girl directly. I saunter out with my hands in my pocket and my skateboard under my arm. Before I walk out, I stop at the doorway and grab the knife and shove it in my boot.

Chloe and I soon make it out of the woods, neither of us had spoken yet. I turn and face her, a grin on my face. 

"Holy shit...", I breathe, laughing. 

She soon cracks a smile and we both start cracking, doubling over with laughter.

My stomach started to hurt from all the laughter and I stand up, wiping tears from my eyes.

"Oh my god.", I breathe, still smiling. 

Chloe and I are recovering from the laughter when I remember the knife. I bend down and pull it from my boot, smirking.

"Managed to grab this on the way out."

"Ash!", she yells, reaching for it.

I dodge and laugh.

"Nope! I got it fair and square!", I yell.

She turns back to me. "Come on! You have to give it back though.", she says.

"Do I?", I ask and twirl the knife in my hands.

She sighs and gives up the argument. I would give it back. But not for a while. 

"So what should we do in the meantime?", I ask. "We still got daylight on our hands."

She thinks for a moment. "Maybe you could come over? Stay the night.", she shrugs.

I know what she's doing. She feels bad for me about my mom, so she's trying to help.

Looking down I respond, "I can't. I'm sorry.", I look up and she seems sad. 

"No. No, It's okay. Don't worry about it.", she says, offering a smile.

I return it. "You know, I actually have homework I need to do.", I say. I wasn't lying. I do have homework. I just probably won't get it done. 

"Oh. Okay. Shall we continue tomorrow then?", she asks.

I smile. "Definitely." 

"Awesome. See you tomorrow then.", she says, and heads on her way.

"See you.", I say, softly smiling.

I hadn't met anyone that would actually talk to me in the longest time. Except online. This would be great.



I unlock the door to the house and head inside. I instantly run upstairs and hop online. I message my group of internet friends. 


I wait ten minutes.

I go on my phone, scroll through Instagram.



An hour.

I give up and turn the computer off.


Hey! I hope you like this chapter. I honestly LOVE how it turned out. Thanks for 2,000 views!!!


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