Gang Leaders Daughter

Roxanne lives with her mom in a small quite town until she gets sick and dies. With no where else to go Roxanne goes to live with her dad. Living with her dad, and finding out what he is is a shock. Then one day she goes to the mall, with her friend Jasmine, were she meets Jaxon. As the two get to know each other better, a problems comes up. Roxy knows she has to save her dad. Will it tear them apart? or make them hold on tighter to each other?



That night we laid in bed Jaxon laying under me. My head lying on his chest. Thoughts running through my head. What if this all happened again what would we do. What happened if my dad got took again. Jaxon took my face and connected our lips. I felt my worries and fears flood away replaced by love and lust. He kissed me with everything he had in him. I kissed back with all I had in me. I felt his hands move and thought he was just trying to get me closer. But then his hands attacked my sides. Sending me off the bed I was laughing so hard. 

I hit the floor with a thump. He looked over the side with a guilty look on his face. I acted like it hurt. Making him get down by me.

''i'm so sorry...''He started but I tackled him to the ground, laughing the whole time.''Your such a...''

''Girl.''I finished.

''Oh yeah that's exactly what I meant."He said.

''You'd had better young man or else.''I said.

''Or else what?huh.''He said tickling me again. I laughed. A large smile on my face.

Jaxon sighed.

''Roxanne...''He started, for the first time saying my whole name."At this very moment I am happier than I have ever been. You are my sun,moon, and earth, you are my everything. I wouldn't replace you with anything. nothing intoxicates me like you.''He said.

''What are you saying?''I asked. He knelt down and pulled a small box from his pocket. A little black box.

"With this ring, I give you my heart, I promise from this day forward, you shall not walk alone, may my heart be you shelter and my arms your home. Roxanne White will you marry me?''He asked.

"OMG!YES!A thousand yeses.''I said. He put the ring on my finger and spun me around. Laughing, me all the while looking at the ring with a large smile on my face. Cause I knew from this day forward. Even when bad comes, if it does, Jaxon will be there standing always right by my side to face it with me. I would not be alone. Never I had Jaxon.

''I love you Jaxon.''I said.

''That's the first time you've said that.''He said.

''its been a long time coming. I love you!''I said.

He pulled me closer and tighter.

''I love you to.''He said."I love you so much.''

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