Gang Leaders Daughter

Roxanne lives with her mom in a small quite town until she gets sick and dies. With no where else to go Roxanne goes to live with her dad. Living with her dad, and finding out what he is is a shock. Then one day she goes to the mall, with her friend Jasmine, were she meets Jaxon. As the two get to know each other better, a problems comes up. Roxy knows she has to save her dad. Will it tear them apart? or make them hold on tighter to each other?


19. Found...His Son!?

 I grabbed a book pretending to read it. I was at the libary I first met Jaxon. I haven't been here in forever.

''Roxy...''A familiar voice said.

I turned around and looked into those familiar eyes, not saying nothing.

''Are you not going to talk.''Jaxon said.''I'm sorry..Roxy.''He said.

I sneered. Yeah, right.

''I'm am...I regret what I said. It just been hard.''He sighed.''Please talk to me I care about you.''

''If you cared you would have let me speak.''I whispered.

''I know, and for that I am sorry. I thought you were like all the others. Who hooked up with me just for the name.''He said.

''What name?''I asked.

''Don't act like you don't know...I'm part of a gang.''He said.

''What gang?''I said. Standing up and looking at him.


''What gang?!''I said.

''The Red Devils.''He said, and I swore you could here my heart shatter.

I dropped to my knees in the middle of the library and cried. 

''Roxy why are you crying?''He asked.

''Forget you told me you were in a gang. Forget it.''I said wiping my face and walking away. 

"What I can't just forget that..why would you want me to?''He asked.

''Who is your father?''I asked.

''Why?''He asked.

''Who is your father?''I asked.

''Blane.''He said."Why?"

''Your not the only one in a gang, Jaxon.''I said. Pulling my taser.''I'm sorry.''I said. I pushed my feelings down and called George.

"I need you down to the library at the mall and quick.''

He met me and we put Jaxon in the truck thankfully there was no one around to see us. 

We got to the base and tied him to a chair.

''Gag him..?''George asked.

''No.''I wouldn't do that.

He started to come to and I couldn't wait for what was about to go down.


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