I Am Fred Weasley the Second

He is sooo funny. One time he sent aunt Hermione a toilet seat. He gave uncle Harry a Canary Cream for his birthday, but it took a long time to ware off! I do not own the photos.


2. Ya

Dear Mom,

I am writing because, I ran away and I am a squib.  You probably can't look at me but I set off exploding snaps at a muggle restaurant. So bye.

                                                                                                          -Fred :p

Dear Freddy,

Come home! We bought you a new set of tricks.  You don't need magic!  I love you and so does your "holey" father.  Please come home.

                                                                                                                             Love you forever,




Dramatic turn of Events, I know.  Thank you so much for the support! Contest for It's All Different.  Put a character and some traits for them and I will choose 1 winner.  Good Luck!

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