Running With Wolves

As I walked down the cold, dark dirt road, I saw a dark shape moving toward me. I stopped and watched as my heart pounded in my chest. Whoever it was they were moving, fast. So I turned and there was a he-wolfs face two or three feet away. He looked about my age........


1. Running Wild

      As I galloped through the tall dry yellow grass I saw a quick flask of gray in front of me about ten feet away. I stopped and looked around to see where it went.Then I felt a hard thud on my side. "hey" I yelped turning to see ash's light grey silky fur flying in the breeze. He jumped forward and licked the tip of my shinny nose then turned and ran off, stopping and looking back at me.

I chased after him and caught the tip of his tail pulling him back with a playful tug. He rolled to his back and looked up at me with bright green eyes. Then he jumped up and ran through the thick dense forest. I chased after him. I was running by his side keeping up with his pace. I stopped quickly and looked around smelling the air. "What is it" Ash asked looking around. "I smell another wolf, but it's not a familiar smell" I turned and saw a strange wolf looking at me through the trees. "Who are you" i asked. The strange wolf stepped out of the darkness, his fur almost as black as the shadows where he once stood."My name is Blade, what's yours"? He asked "Don't answer that" Ash said stepping in the way. "Luna" I said ignoring Ash. "I'll be down by the lake later if you want to talk" Blade said looking at me softly."okay, I'll be there" I said. "oh no you wont" Ash said. "Oh and why's that" i asked snapping at him. "Because your my ma......" "Oh no you aren't" I barked at him.


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