The Silver Grim

The flow of silver only the purest may touch, for if you shall not be pure then the heart will collect. Realms of evil and misguided spirits with the touches of purity will finally meet. Will the evil take over and feed the demons, or will the good prevail? In the environment of darkness the battle between the living and nonliving wages on as a new battle comes along between the realms. Alliances will be made and packs secured in an effort to save the species. What will happen if the onlooker becomes the fighter and everything they know is destroyed?


4. Scarlet

"Alright, Commanders! I want this to be a successful attack on the wolves! This," I pointed to our first attack location on the map. I saw most of them looking away. I grabbed my knife and slammed it into the wooden table feeling spilters under my hand. It worked in getting their attention, "This is where we will start our attack! I want sector 1 taking care of the left side of the village! Sector 3, right side! Sector 4 take up the rear! Sector 2 you will be taking my flank up to the front of the village!" I yelled and grabbed my knife up from the table. I thought that this had been a good table when I had first seen it, but now I was thinking otherwise. I looked around at the newbies surrounding my table before they all nodded their heads and shut their eyes. "Leave my sight before one of you becomes my dinner!" I yelled laughing at them. They ran out of the building as I laughed at them all. I liked scaring the newbies because they had to learn who the clan leader was. 

"You are really too hard them. They are only newbies. You should go easy on them," I heard someone say calmly as they entered my building and stood in the corner. I laughed at them and cut my hand with the knife for fun. "I know you, Scarlet. You might be mean like this all the time but you need to understand how to go east on things," They said and threw a rag at me to clean my hand and the blade. I sighed and cleaned up my hand.

"Being mean is fun. No one can tell me different. And besides, they all need to know who runs this place. They are only too used to one person and no battles unless you were provoked. This is just something fun to do," I pointed out dryly and laughed softly. I looked over my shoulder to see that my mother was behind me. I laughed at her. "You come here and tell me what I can and can not do. I laugh at you. Go mother and leave me be because I was your mistake," I said and looked around me again. No one was here not even a slight sign that they had even been here, only their coven's smell. My mother had left at my words. She was the one who made the mistake of having and keeping me. I laughed at my thoughts and walked out of my room. The battle was tonight in black moon realm. This would be a battle to change how everyone thought of vampires. 

I cleaned up and got ready for battle. This was the third unprovoked battle between vampires and anything that gets in our way. I dressed in my best black leather I could find before I walked outside and gathered the troops for battle. I laughed at all the newbies as they looked around confused to what they were doing. They were going to have a lot of fun on their first hunt. I laughed more as they all looked my way. I didn't have to look to see who put their hand on my shoulder and whispered,"This is a bad idea, Scarlet," to know who it was. 

"Mother, I have had enough of this. I am tired of you telling me what to do and when to do it," I said with a rising temper. Even my own mother knew to back away from me when I get mad. "Are you ever going to stop leaning one my shoulder?" I yelled at her. She cowered when I stood tall and put my hand on my sword. "Please, you do whatever you wish to do but leave me alone, mother. I have just about had it. You maybe my mother but you have no control over someone who has more power over you," I said calmly with closed eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose. I heard her skitter away from me and I turned to walk towards the group of terrified newbies. One look at their faces brought my smile and laugh back. "Come on! Time to fight!" I yelled laughing at them all and raised my sword above my head and looked at the sky. I heard nothing and then looked at them all. 

We ran to the village and hide in the woods before I signed for people to go and we all made our way out of the forest to wreak havoc on the village. I light fires in some of the buildings to make it look better and feel the heat of battle. I watched as a few newbies were killed and turned my back for a moment. In the next moment, someone said looking out and I turned holding a knife and saw a wolf in the middle of a leap coming at me. I screamed and tried to lift the blade up but found my hand being bitten and the smile that had been on my face faded as pain filled it. I had never once been bitten by a werewolf but this hurt like hell. I screamed and found that my knife was being taken from me and naked man were around me. I growled and struggled to try to get away from them. 'Used for learge,' I heard them say both they shifted back and I was being pulled away to some place. I struggled more until they got to a big building that smelled like wet dog and rotten garbage. I found myself in the air and being thrown into a wall. I got up and tried to open the cage but it burnt my hands and I jumped away from them. 

"You will pay for this!" I yelled at them as the door shut on my words. "Ugggg. It stinks in here," I muttered to myself. I wasn't going to like what they were going to use me for. I growled and sat on the dirty ground. It was strewn with garbage and dirty straw that a horse would have loved. I rolled my eyes and watched the door. 

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