The Silver Grim

The flow of silver only the purest may touch, for if you shall not be pure then the heart will collect. Realms of evil and misguided spirits with the touches of purity will finally meet. Will the evil take over and feed the demons, or will the good prevail? In the environment of darkness the battle between the living and nonliving wages on as a new battle comes along between the realms. Alliances will be made and packs secured in an effort to save the species. What will happen if the onlooker becomes the fighter and everything they know is destroyed?


2. Daniella

I sit down after a long day of being up on my feet and moving things around. I was moving and reorganizing the whole house. I nearly got a second to myself when my stomach growled at me. It seems that I forgot to get out of werewolf mood again and I was hungry. I had to be in werewolf mood to move everything in this house by myself. I lived alone but I did get guests often. I was expecting one soon. If he didn't show up I was going to go out and look for him. I jumped up to the fridge and did what part of me was yelling at me to do. I grabbed some raw meat and ate it. It's not like it was going to hurt me. I live in the middle of death the last thing I could do was die from it but I would still be here. 

I sighed in relief as I felt the bloody raw meat on my tongue and tasted the sweetness of it. Being part of everything was great. I could eat everything I want but the vampire part of me will not allow me to get out of shape. I don't have to cook anything but the werewolf would nevermind. I could tell you that you would die if the banshee in me screamed. I could get wet and swim really fast because the mermaid part of me would grow a tail and I will not drown. I could perform any spell I want because the witch in me knows how to. I can shift into anything I want because- oww! I break my own thoughts as I bite my finger. 

I hear a howling close to my home and had a feeling about what was going to happen. I clean up before I look behind me and scream. A large black wolf was staring up at me from my kitchen floor. It scared me enough to make me scream. Well, they are going to die now. That was a banshee scream that I just let out. The black wolf fell to the floor petrified. That was the reason no one snuck up on me. It was a bad choice. I looked out my window to find where I would get ride of the wolf's body when I saw someone. They were stopped right outside of the tree line before they backed up. I couldn't see them anymore after that. 

I ran outside of the house when I heard three more wolves coming after me. I made my one mistake and looked over my shoulder to see how close they were to me. I tripped over the uneven ground and felt a hand pull me up when I was about to fall on the ground. 

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