The Silver Grim

The flow of silver only the purest may touch, for if you shall not be pure then the heart will collect. Realms of evil and misguided spirits with the touches of purity will finally meet. Will the evil take over and feed the demons, or will the good prevail? In the environment of darkness the battle between the living and nonliving wages on as a new battle comes along between the realms. Alliances will be made and packs secured in an effort to save the species. What will happen if the onlooker becomes the fighter and everything they know is destroyed?


7. Arrow

"Kill the rest f them!" I snarled at the wolves in front of me. The door was shut that vampire in the building behind us was not going to get away and even if she did it would only be more or a reason to her. I think that she needs to die but she can be used for our advantaged. "I don't want any other of them to live after this battle! Teach them why they messed with the wrong pack!" I growled to them showing my teeth. I knew that had we not been in the middle of a fight that people would ask me what was wrong but right now they knew just what was wrong. "I don't want them to be able to think or breath or even move! Now leave me to my thoughts and kill them all! I have enough wolves and vampires to deal with!"  I thought to them with enough rage that a few cowered and backed away from me slowly. I was about to break if I didn't get to killing some of them soon. But as I said I had things I had to take care of at the moment. More important than going on a killing spared just because my mother and father are dead. Of course, that would help the angry big time. Now that I am Alpha thought I can not give into my desires as much anymore. One more thing to add to the list of things that I must complete before everything goes bad. 

I watched my fighters go back into the battle as fast as they could. I had a feeling that I was part of that reason why they hurried away from me. 



"Kill the rest of them. I don't want any of them to live after tonight. Not one is to be breathing, moving, or even to think! Now go kill them all. I have to deal with the others, " I thought to them and watched them all go to kill the vampire's followers.

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