The Silver Grim

The flow of silver only the purest may touch, for if you shall not be pure then the heart will collect. Realms of evil and misguided spirits with the touches of purity will finally meet. Will the evil take over and feed the demons, or will the good prevail? In the environment of darkness the battle between the living and nonliving wages on as a new battle comes along between the realms. Alliances will be made and packs secured in an effort to save the species. What will happen if the onlooker becomes the fighter and everything they know is destroyed?


3. Arrow

I look around at the burning houses that I had always called my home and at the people that I always knew as my family, who are running around all over the place. I was the Alpha now. I had to take control of this right here and right now. I stood up from my father's corpse feeling empty and angry for what has happened here tonight. Now that he was gone I had to take his place as Alpha and hold the pack together. Let's just hope that I don't die here with him. "Quiet down!" I yelled in a voice that commanded respect. Everyone around me stopped running and looked at my feet. I heard gasps that he was dead that I was their Alpha now. "They are attacking us! Everyone get ready for battle! Formations quickly! Leave no room for them to kill anyone else! Help your fellow pack members! Let no one else die tonight! Am I clear? No one else is going to die tonight! We will prevail and kill the remaining!" I yelled at them over the screams that we all heard coming from the women and children that were caught in flames and trying to not burn alive. I ran out to greet the outsiders that plagued my home- my village. 

I watched them slowly make their way towards my pack. If I couldn't see wat they were by how they were acting and the way they looked, then I knew from the smell of a rotting corpse that just clawed its way out of the ground. Of course, they never looked that way but to wolves, they smelled that way. I knew every woman and child were hiding in the place that we had for them. It was an underground cellar with several rooms and a lot of food for them. We all had cellars but the one thing about this cellar that was important was that it had a large steel door to protect them. I had made sure that it locked from the inside so no vampire could get them. I hear several howls of pain and shift to follow some of the straggling fighters into battle. For some, it was a painful thing but for others, those with a lot more time to handle it, it was quick and nothing but a bliss to do. I looked over to my father's beta and saw the gray wolf looking over at me waiting to be told what to do. I stopped and looked at him, in my eyes everyone of my father wolves are wonderful. This beta was gray with a white dusting all over his coat, and his eyes were a light blue which stands out a lot from everyone else.

The vampires are close enough now that we don't have to wait for them to come any closer to us. I nodded not looking away from them and started to run forward just as the vampires came at us. It was a bloody fight but after a little bit of ripping into vampire's necks and clawing them, I got to the leader of the group. I took the opportunity that was too hard to resist when you had your enemies back towards you. I leaped up at the leader of this coven and she turned towards me with a knife in her hand and a grin on her face. She knew that I was going to do this. I sighed and mentally kicked myself for that but it was a little late to by making notes of this kind of thing when I was headed straight to being impaled by my own stupidity. Lucky, my beta was next to me and took her knife out before I felt the short blade that would have impaled me. I tackled her to the ground and two of my wolves came to pin her arms down. I growled in her face as she tried to move before I glanced over at my Beta. 

"Do we kill or keep her? I need to make room for a prisoner if so." He thought to me. I looked back down at the vampire and saw her white hair was everywhere one the ground. She had no right to have white hair but she did and there was little we could do about it. I thought for a moment just looking down at her before I glanced over at my beta.

"Keep. We can use her later. Drag her to the dungeons,"  I say coldly and get up her to take a place to hold her down until the dungeon doors were opened. If we keep her in the dungeons no one needs to do anything. We will need to keep her somewhat feed, though. I look over to the rest of the pack, "Cover us. We have a prisoner."  And they all nod once before making a circle around us and making sure that no one is in our way or stopping us. 

It takes a while to get to our dungeons. But the moment the door is open we walk in and open a cell which is waiting for her. We dump her in the cell and leave. The cell door gets shut and locked. I take a small amount of time to look around. My father had never let me come here so I didn't know what to expect. I was not the best place that I had thought of it. It smelled like a drainage system and it looked like someone tried to take a blood bath in it. The pack and I walk out of the filthy place less than pleased having been in there. 

"Kill the rest of them. I don't want any of them to live after tonight. Not one is to be breathing, moving, or even to think! Now go kill them all. I have to deal with the others," I though to them and watched them all go to kill the vampire's followers. 

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