The Silver Grim

The flow of silver only the purest may touch, for if you shall not be pure then the heart will collect. Realms of evil and misguided spirits with the touches of purity will finally meet. Will the evil take over and feed the demons, or will the good prevail? In the environment of darkness the battle between the living and nonliving wages on as a new battle comes along between the realms. Alliances will be made and packs secured in an effort to save the species. What will happen if the onlooker becomes the fighter and everything they know is destroyed?


1. Archer

The sound of howling wolves in the distance is all that I hear while I frantically look around for a tree to climb. Those wolves had broken my wing and now I can't run or fly as fast I could before I had my run in with them. I look up at the sky and see the moon high up. I knew from the look of that it was midnight. I could call upon powers to save me but I know that I can't. It is against my law to do that. 


The moment I see that I am in the middle of a field I give up hope to see my daughter once more but not giving into the wolves how were right on my now. I wanted to take flight and get away from them but I could not risk getting hurt more than I already was. I let loose a scream that meant several things as the wolves came on me and bite into my leg.  I stopped trying to run from them but I knew nothing was going to stop them from killing me right here and right now. I hit the ground with a thud and I feel rain drops coming from the sky. I look up and scream just before I couldn't get in a single breath, "Custos domus mea clamat ad te. Quaeso ut de terra titulari tuis custodi animam tuam. In corde et spiritu suscipiet eam sempiternem. Et non peribunt in ea."  I watched as the wolves hard and stiff fur seemed to surround me and felt the pain from their sharp teeth piercing my skin. I didn't care about my wings anymore. I knew that I was not going to live to see the next sunrise. I felt them bite and tear at my flesh and heard myself scream before the world started to fade to a darker black. I couldn't make out the stars or the moon that hung watching over us all in the sky. My last though before I felt my life drain from me was that I must save my family.




Walking with my pack to watch the more border for any other wolves that do not have permission to cross. I can only do what my master-

"Master wants me to watch the girl," I saying looking at the pack and waiting for what they might be thinking and what their reaction would be, "I must keep her alive. Alive for as long as her natural will allow her to be."

"You know-" the white somewhat see through ghost wolf in our pack starts to say but stops short as the whole pack erupts in our ghostly howls of pain all at once.

"What happened? Did the Master die?" One of them asked me. 

"Yes," that was the only thing they told me through their pain as they disappeared into the nether realm, ghost realm for the dead and lost souls that have yet to be found.

I run for the girl as fast as my feet can carry me without me shifting into a wolf. I must keep her safe and if something happened to the master she might be next. I jump over an old fallen down black tree that I saw for a quick glance was growing some mold. I dodge the overgrown thorn bushes until the small house where Danella lives. I stopped just behind the tree line and out of sight from her chameleon eyes. She is one of very little of the species left and we have to save them because they must live on. I watch as she comes out of the back door screaming her head off and looking over her shoulder. I rush into action and run to save her from herself as she nearly trips and falls. I was greeted by three wolves surrounding us after I caught her from her fall.  I quickly come up with a plan in my head to make sure that she stays safe. I start to rush forward when I caught her gaze. I see her eyes go misty right before she does something that I had never seen before.


She shifts right in front of us all, stopping the battle that I had just planned out in my head.  I noticed that even the wolves around me were staring at her in awe. I had forgotten that she was a chameleon, and could change really fast. She had to have learned how to do everything from her mother before she died. Her fur was copperish on her back with hints of black everywhere there. The copperish color went all the way down to her wolf legs before they changed white for her paws with a copper speckling of fur. Her chest fur was as white as dusty snow. Her ears stuck up in the sky and her eyes were closed for the moment. I knew that she was adjusting to her new form for the moment.  Before they leave the house one of them looks around the room and walks right up to Danella, who lays down, and snaps at her face. After that, they all leave the place and Danella comes back to her human state.

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