What Happens Now(The Walking Dead And The Maze Runner Crossover)

When Ella and Thomas get separated from the rest, they find a group that takes them in, but sparks fly when she meets a certain sheriff's son.

I own nothing except Ella and my ideas. :-)
All rights go to Robert Kirkman, James Dashner, and Wes Ball.


2. Ch.2 The Decision

Still Ella's P.O.V.
I started to walk, when Thomas put his arm in front of me.
"What" said the man.
"We're not going with you"
"Why not"
"You just put a gun up to my best friends head"

"Thomas, we're going" I said
"No we're not"
"Thomas, I'm going whether you like it or not"
"I have to keep you safe, I promised Chuck that I could keep him safe, but couldn't"
By the he finished that sentence, everyone has their eyes on us.

"You do remember what happened to him, right"
"Yes" I paused, taking shallow breath to stop me from crying.
"Every bit of it" I said as a tear ran down my face.
"But I still don't need all this protection, I'm a fighter"

"Who's Chuck" said the blonde girl
"A friend who sacrificed himself for Thomas" I said.

"What happened to him" she said.
"I shouldn't be telling this to a stranger"
"Oh my name's Beth"
"I'll tell you later"
"Kay" she said smiling. I smiled back
"We need names first" said Thomas.

"My name's Lori, Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Hershel, Daryl,Carol, and you already know Beth."



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