Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


8. 8



 The late afternoon sun warmed me up as I walked silently along with Tear to the place that the other members of his gang will be meeting us. Worry and fear coursed through me as I thought what they were like. I met Beanie before and I was anxious to meet him again despite how friendly and carefree he seemed to be.

 Since I woke up Tear has been keeping his distance from me and has only told me that if I was accepted I would be able to work for them. For me to be working in a gang was something I never imagined my life to be like, but Tear done so much for me and this was the only way I could pay him back. When I lived on the streets I was offered by an old friend who was taken in by a gang and I turned it down then due to my lack of courage to do so. But this is the least I can do for him plus it will also work in my favour. If I can work for them I will be able to stay with Tear and be off the streets.

 He never asked about Mikale again but he did ask about the scars and whip marks on my back. Like before I didn't answer him, I just couldn't bring myself to. Thinking about them was painful enough and the story of how I got the two scars on my shoulder blades was something that scared me and always caused me to feel sick.

 Those two scars is the outcome from the years after the fire. Something that ruined me and my entire life. I made a promise to myself that I would never tell anybody about what happened to me and what it meant. Even if I owed my life to Tear, telling him was something I just could not do.

 Turning around a corner I saw Tear get punched in the gut by a random person. Surprised, Tear stumbled and tripped over his feet before falling down to the pavement. At the same time I felt my mouth popped open as I took in what was happening. A large muscular man with blond hair now kneeled over Tear, mercilessly punching him. My feet was frozen in place as I could only watch what was happening. "Bastard. You killed her! You killed my sister! You heartless bitch!" The blond stranger yelled.

 What was he talking about? Did Tear actually kill someone or was this a joke? Before Tear could get punched again I knew I had to stop the stranger somehow. "Stop!" I yelled over his words, catching the man's attention.

 At the moment the presence of someone near me caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand. Looking out of the corner of my eyes I was met with a gun pointed straight at me. Fear coursed through my body as I felt the familiar emotions take over from being the target of a gun. "Stay out of this son. It's none of your business so go home and don't tell anyone about this. If you do I will find you and I will kill you to. You're lucky that I don't kill you now since you're with this killer and all." The one on top of Tear said.

 I glanced at the one holding the gun and quickly looked away before I lost control and broke down. With that quick glance I caught sight of a pair of glasses and was able to determine that the guy was about my height. By the confidence radiating off of him I understood that he would not have a problem pulling the trigger. Scared, I back looked at Tear who was staring at me. "Go, it's okay. Hurry up!" He said.

 As he did he got punched again and blood poured out of his nose. "Shut the hell up you bastard!" 

 How could I just leave him behind? He saved my life two times, taking me in and feeding me. He was even willing to let me stay with him and get a job. Despite his guarded personality I knew he was a kind and caring person. "You must be confused. Tear couldn't have killed anyone." I said looking at the stranger on top of him. "He's too kind. Even... even if he did kill someone there must have been a good reason. Are you sure, without a doubt, that it was him?"

 The stranger made a sound of irritation. "I just know that it was this bastard. Besides I said that this is none of your business punk so go home before I allow my friend to shoot you." He spat out.

 I forced myself to not to look at the man holding the gun. If I did I would lose any courage I had left. Either that or I might lose control of my powers like that night I was freed, and I promised myself to never use it again. If I lost control who knew what would happen? That was the last thing I needed and right now I had to protect Tear somehow, not kill him.

 All my life I was being protected and saved. First it was Mikale who protected me at the orphanage and now it was Tear who saved me from drowning and my fever. This was my chance to start repaying the debt I owed for being saved and protected. Somehow I needed to get Tear free of the man so he could run away. "One..." The stranger started counting down for me to run away.

 "If you kill him, how is that okay? You said he killed your sister. I bet that she wouldn't want you to sink so low as to kill someone for her." Talking to him was the only way to save Tear since I am physically too weak to do anything else.

 "Shut up! You don't know anything about her!" The stranger yelled.

 "I do! Nobody, no matter how much they have strayed from the light would want their loved ones to get their hands full of blood because of them." I said louder. "Are you telling me that your sister, the one you love so much, is evil enough to want that for you?" 

 The man stood up and pinned me against the wall. "Don't you dare-!"

 Ignoring him I looked at Tear. "Run! Tear, please!" He would be safe. Peace filled me as I knew that I was finally able to save someone but as I looked at Tear it fell short as he only stared at me in confusion, his body not moving a single inch. Anxiety and other emotions filled me as I thought that this was for nothing and if I can't save Tear.

 My head pulsated with a certain type of pain and my heartbeat was all I could hear. No. This wasn't supposed to happen, how could I be losing control? This feeling, this pain. Tear needed to get away from here fast. Everything was starting to become too much for me as Tear stayed still and the guys were starting to become restless. "Don't look at him punk, pay attention to me. You talk bad about my sister and I'm going to kill you for that." 

 His hand snaked around my throat and started to squeeze. Still I didn't look away from Tear. Out of the corner of my eye I seen the other guy pointing that gun at Tear. In slow motion I noticed his fingers getting ready to kill. No! Before I could control my actions I yelled out, taking the man holding me and throwing him at the other guy. In mere seconds he crashed into the one with the gun. The trigger released but luckily the gun was pointed away from Tear and missed him.

 Then the unwanted power started to surged through me. It wasn't enough to make me fully change but enough to start damaging my human body and healing it to start transforming. It seemed like it was enough to change how Tear looked at me though. Thoughts of him hating me and rejecting me caused worry and fear to drown any sense of calm. The two on the ground quickly got up and looked at me.

 "Please stop." I begged, if I was pushed over the edge I wouldn't be able to control myself. I could hurt anyone, including Tear. "Please, let go of your hatred and think of the joy of having a sister to begin with. She may be dead now, but you still have her memories. So leave."

 All the while I was speaking I forced myself to ignore Tear. I knew that my eyes had changed to an all golden colour with parts of my skin peeling away to a new layer of golden skin. Everything about me was showcasing my lack of humanity. If Tear realized that he saved a demon like me...

 "Please just leave." I felt my voice crack and tears threatened to fall. Last time I cried in this state it was golden to, I noticed that when I was surrounded by all the dead bodies that I created. I heard Tear gasp and I felt him come closer to me. Quickly I hid my face, wiping my tears away. 

 "Three- Twenty..." His voice was so soft. He remembered my number. I could feel the warmth of him, he was so close to me. "Three- Twenty look at me." He demanded.

 My breath hitched. I couldn't show my face to him because if I did he would run away from me, he would be scared of me. "Please." His plead caused my heart to squeeze.

 His fingers touched my chin and I smacked them away. "No. Please leave Tear. Thank you for helping me, I really do appreciate it." The tears continued to come. "I'm sorry that you had to help a demon." I softly said.

 Before I could stop him he forcefully made me look at him and I was dumbfounded at the sight before me. His dark eyes were now green and cat- like. Pointed teeth protruded from his mouth and his ears were pointed. "You don't believe that. You can't." He said. "You look... You are not a demon. I promise you. Look at me, I am not really human either. I can transform into a panther."

 What? Was I still dreaming? No way could this be real. Without thinking my hand touched one of his cat ears and it moved under my touch. It was so soft and real that it was breathtaking.

 Someone cleared their throat and I realized that I had forgotten about the two strangers. "Sorry about this. But I am Hammer and this is Glasses." The one who attacked Tear first said. Why would he introduce himself? 

 "Yeah, sorry pretty boy." A familiar voice said and Beanie rounded a corner. "This was a test to see if we should accept you. Surprisingly you passed with flying colours and exceeded my expectations. I thought you would run away." 

 Confused I looked at Tear for an explanation. He smiled but didn't move away from me. "I'm sorry too. I didn't think you would reveal yourself or cry. I also didn't expect for this to get out of hand, but others seemed to have planned something different." He apologized, making heat engulf my neck all the way up to my hairline.

 I totally bawled in front of these people and Tear once again. Looking away from him I stuttered, "I- I didn't c-cry..." He laughed and wiped away the golden tears from my face.

 "You totally did. But they are pretty, so it's okay." His voice was low enough for only me to hear. I felt my eyes widen and I managed to blush harder. What did Tear mean by that? Did he actually think my tears were pretty? My heart raced faster as he didn't take his hand off my face and I was really confused as to what was going on now. Yet I didn't want him to move away from me and I felt some what happy that he was accepting my power and the fact that I wasn't really all that human.

 "Come, let's go to the office building. We have questions to ask you and we need to figure out how to make you useful. And I am sorry for how I treated you just then but I wanted this to be realistic." Hammer said after clearing his throat once more. I looked at them and realized that Beanie and Glasses were looking away from us and Hammer looked at Tear with a questioning gaze.


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