Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


24. 24

~Three- Twenty~


 Once more I found myself feeling detatched from my body, as if my mind was over looking more than the direct things going on in my life. It was a strange feeling of knowing, one that I don't experience a lot but wish I did. Snow stuck on the ground though it is dirt filled and almost slush like. In front of me Hammer, Beanie, Glasses, Obi, Sitch, and Slav walked towards the bar that we went to last time. They talked and joked around, Beanie had his arm wrapped around Obi while telling her stories about Hammer.

 Beside me Tear held my hand and was smiling at the group in front of us, looking on as if he was content with what he saw. Pidge stood on my other side, constantly looking at me with emotion filled eyes. When she caught me looking at her she smiled brightly, joy and relief flooding her expression. It was like we were all in this little bubble that couldn't be touched by the outside world, yet I could make out the details between the lines.

 We were all affected by the outside world, we were just trying to forget it for a few hours and be happy. Make sure that the stress, the pain, the fear didn't strip away our memories and cause regrets. It was something I was use to doing, but now it was much different. I had friends, I had family, I even had a boyfriend who cared for me deeply. Who would do anything for me. And I had someone from my past, one who shared the pain I went through and the fear that still inhabited a place in my heart. To add I was no longer homeless, I had food that will keep me healthy, I had a place to call home, I had clothes that kept me warm.

 How could I have so little before  only to have so much now? It seemed almost unfair in a way. "Three- Twenty?" Tear's voice pulled me out of my thoughts. Looking at him he smiled a little bit. "Is everything okay? You are kind of spacing out." He asked me.

 I smiled back and leaned my head on his shoulder. "I am more than okay. I was just thinking about how things has changed so much, how much I have because of you and everyone else. It's like I am stuck in a dream that I don't want to wake up from." I told him before bringing his hand up to place a soft kiss on it. "You gave me more than I could ever hope for. I have you, I have a family, I have friends. It much more than I deserve."

 Letting out a small laugh Tear nudged my head with his cheek. "You deserve all of this and more, my love. I will always make sure you are happy and safe, everyone will." He said.

 "You two are so lovey dovey." Pidge said beside me. "It's strange to see someone who looks like he would kill now and ask later to be so affectionate to someone who is so innocent. Like beauty and the beast." She added. Raising and eye brow at her she held up her hands in defense. "Not in a bad way of course. I am just surprised Tear is like this, I expected him to be closed off and emotionless. That's what it seems like in his folder at least."

 A laugh came from in front and Beanie came walking back to us. "Our boy Tear here, he was just like you expected before meeting pretty boy here. He was closed off and distant for years, then he completely fell for Three- Twenty when he found him drowning. You should have been there when they first met. It seemed like it was out of a movie when it happened." Beanie spoke lightly, playfulness in his tone.

 "I don't understand what you two mean. I thought I was close to everyone and let you all know what I felt." Tear seriously said. "You make is sound as if I was some kind of bad guy or something."

 Beanie raised an eyebrow towards Tear, a sassy little look on his face. "Oh honey, you were like one of those guards with the big poofy hats. In like Britian or something. What I mean is that you were just a walking statue." He said. 

 We walked into the building and Tear was frowning, trying to wrap his head around what others thought of him before hand. Tables came together to fit all of us and we got drinks, a lot of them. "Now before we all drink, I want to make a toast." Hammer spoke loudly. "Here is to all of us coming together, to fight together, to have each others backs. I would like to thank you all for dealing with what has been happening and with my own people. I would also like to make a toast to Three- Twenty and Pidge for finding each other again after all this time." He added with a smile towards me.

 All together we cheered, clinking our drinks together before drinking. Time passed as we shared stories, as we got to know each other more. Some time in between Emery, Emil, and Sieve found us and joined. Quickly we added more chairs for them and offered drinks. They acted different from in the conference room, more relaxed and friendly. It seemed like they just needed time to adjust and come to terms with some changes. All three of them were quite likeable people and I found myself opening up to everyone.

 Finally we all calmed down and talked amongst different groups. "So Three- Twenty, how do you know our Pidge here?" Sieve asked. I remembered them being blood sisters and I wanted to know how it happened, what they went through to make them so trusting in each other and so close. "I can only guess that you two were at the same orphanage or something together. I don't know much about Pidge's past and she won't open up about it."

 With alcohol in my system to make me more brave I looked at Pidge, waiting to see if she was okay with me telling everything. With letting everyone know more about our past. She nodded and I took another mouthful of my drink. "We were both placed in the Middlestone Orphanage, I was there before her and Alice. They were so distant from everyone, but Mikale and I decided to try and take them under our wings. The four of us quickly became friends, we shared everything." The good memories of the four of us played, making me smile lightly. "Then on their birthday we broke them out, Mikale and I made sure that they would be safe."

 "The two of you helped us so much." Pidge softly spoke to me, a sad smile on her lips. "Without you two I am sure we wouldn't of have been so strong, so determined to leave. The first time we went to the punishment room... It almost broke us. Yet that night when we came back from the room both of you were waiting for us with water and blankets. You comforted us, making the pain not so unbearable. My sister, she had a huge crush on Mikale after that." A small laugh escaped her lips.

 A frown pulled my lips as I remembered the punishment room. The were two different reasons why we would be sent there. One was to be tested on, the other was if we were bad. The details were hazy, my brain not able to cope with remembering everything yet. "We both knew what it was like the first time we went there. Mikale wanted to help everyone, he was that type of person. So when we seen how broken you were before going there we knew that we had to be there afterwards." I told her.

 We both just looked at each other with a sad smile, remembering the orphanage. "Was that place that terrible?" Emil asked. I looked down at the table and held onto Tear's hand. He was my touchstone, my comfort place when I wasn't feeling good. When the pain of that past started to become to much.

 "Yeah. It was hell. I don't remember much about it, I can't. I am glad that that place burned down so no other child would have to go through what we did. At least not there anyways." I said, taking another mouthful of my drink.

 "Do you remember what happened in the punishment room, Three- Twenty? All those tests, what they made happen?" Pidge asked. Frowning I shook my head at her. "Wow. That is one thing I can't forget, that I will never accept. They were trying to make human children into Mix Bloods. From what I could remember there was five classes that each child was catagorized in, all on their ability to accept the Mix Blood DNA." 

 Everyone was listening now. "Can you tell us more, like what those classes were?" Hammer asked. 

 "Okay. I might not be able to cover everything but I can try." Pidge agreed. "There was Class D, the lowest class. It was for the children who couldn't pass the first round of tests and died right away. More than half of the children belonged to that class, it was terrible. I remember a three year old who offered to share his toys with me one time, the next day he disappeared after going to the punishment room. I can only guess that he was a class D." Her voiced wavered as she recalled the child. 

 "Next was class C, that belonged to the children who was able to accept weak Mix Blood DNA but had complications. They would get sick easily and sometimes have a relapse of their bodies rejecting the DNA. Alice belonged in that class, she died from it. So was Mikale, I am sure that he understood that he didn't have a long life expectancy and that is why he always tried to save others." Hearing that made my heart sink, I didn't want to remember this. But yet I had to, if not for me than for the others.

 "I belonged to class B, where I have no complications with accepting a weaker DNA. I don't think I can handle a stronger Mix Blood DNA, and I don't want to try. After that is cass A, where a child can accept strong DNA. They can't fully deal with it but have less complications than other do." She went on.

 Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes. "Why don't I remember any of this?" I asked no one in particular. When I looked at Pidge she looked like she pitied me. 

 "I noticed that you were different from the other children at the orphanage, you seemed happy some times. You weren't extremely scared like the others. I asked Mikale why you were diffrent, and he said it was because you didn't know. The people there, they made sure you didn't know. Thought that it would make you change or something, they secretly were scared of you." Pidge said. "You belonged to the Ghost class. Out of four hundred children there was only one child who belonged there. You. Somehow you could accept any type of DNA put in you without any complications. It was as if it done nothing to you accept give you powers."

 My body became paralyzed as she spoke. "You were the child they were looking for. Over the years I tried to find out more about what was going on. The government is looking for humans who can accept full blood supernaturals. Angels, Demons, anything you can think of from folklore. A vessel is what they were searching for. I guess you were put in a place where you were transformed into a vessel for an angel, just like the other four."

 Tear wrapped an arm around me trying to comfort me but it was hardly noticed. I was to wrapped up in my head to think of anything outside of my body. The thought of all those children dead because the government wanted to find vessels, dead because they were greedy and power hungry. People like Mikale and Alice stripped of their future because of them. Anger slowly grew within me until I felt the need to kill anyone who was involved in taking hundreds of lives.

 A small part of me felt guilty, guilty for living while others were dead. Guilty for overlooking this problem and not doing anything about it. Trying to calm myself I took another sip of my drink and finished it. "While you were looking, did you get any leads on who is responsible for this?" I asked Pidge, my voice void of any emotion. 

 "I could only find groups or singular people funding this operation. The Angels is donating a lot of money towards orphanages like we were at, in return they would be able to recruit class A's. Sometime they would let class B's to join. The are others but too many to name out. It is rumoured that there are human organizations who know about this and who give money to have class A's and B's as well." With that my blood boiled.

 The need to take down everyone who allowed this to happen becoming overwhelming. I felt the desire to take stop The Angels even more now, I wanted their blood on my hands. I wanted to wipe them off this Earth and be sent down to Hell where they belonged. "Three- Twenty, calm down." Tear whispered to me. I could tell he felt my tension and understood my thoughts. "Did you want to go home?" He asked.

 Nodding we stood up. "Sorry to keep this short, but Three- Twenty and I are going to go home." Tear said and grabbed my hand. Pidge hugged me before we left, everyone saying good bye. Finally out in the cold air I fell into Tear's arms. I let myself cry now, cry for every life that was taken. Every life I couldn't save. Cried for Alice and Mikale, Pidge who lost her twin and a friend. I cried for myself, for what was made of me.

 Tear soothed me, talking soft words into my ear. I stayed like that while we took a cab home and until we were in bed. "I hate this Tear. I hate that I am powerless against them. How can people be so heartless?" I asked him.

 "I don't know, but I promise that we will find a way to make this better. To stop what is happening, to take down organizations and gangs like The Angels. I love you Three- Twenty, please don't hurt yourself or blame yourself for this. This is too big for one person to handle, much less a hundred." He kissed me then, wrapped his arms around me as if to block out the outside world. "Let's take tomorrow off. Your glasses should be ready from the eye doctor, we can pick them up tomorrow. I also got the green light to paint the rooms."

 He tried to change the subject and I let him. "Can we get Pidge to come over and help? And whoever wants to help?" I asked him. "I want to make sure they are safe. I can't lose anyone else."

 "Of course. I am sure Beanie will help us, he is always ready to help. I don't know who else would come since there is a lot to do, but we can ask. But I want the morning to just us. Deal?"


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