Dragons and Insanity.

You've heard Ashley's side of things, but you didn't think the other Legend just sat around while Dragorina did all the work. I, Arceopogrin, have a lot I do myself. However my style is different. I'm more serious, but what I'm about to have to deal with, well, I've got to change my style a bit. And my temporary partner will definitely test my patience as we race against the evil Pokemon to find the dimension's last dragon...

(Some violence, minimal cursing, use of alcohol. May not be suitable for younger readers)


2. Twilight Zoned Train

    "Yes, Morgoon. Well was Morgoon."
    "What?" We were trying to figure out how we could find the last dragon if there really was one. Freemon was not easy to follow either.
    "Morgoon is my brother. He left my side however and took on another life elsewhere." 
    "I'm sorry to hear that, but I don't think-"
    "Oh well, logically, the words you used and your tone made it easy to assume-"
    "Well stop assuming!"
    "Okay, so then explain to me a few things. Why do you think this 'Morgoon' could be helpful? And what do you mean by 'he's dead' to you?"
    "Morgoon and I were both smugglers. We pulled off many great stunts in our day, before the old Terran Emperor called upon us to go on a mission of sorts. This was before I lost it. My brother and I were put on different teams. During his team's mission, he was able to convince a guy to come with him to an alley and mugged him of literally everything he had; clothes, wallet...When we had met again to defeat the enemy, which turned out to actually be our Emperor, he was given by the new Emperor the name and life of the man."

    "He killed him?"
    "No! You are a horrible listener, you know that? He took on the place of the man and now raises fifteen daughters. He took the guy's place in life, not life as in 'life and death'."
    "Well you aren't the most expressive person in the world. That story sounds like nonsense anyways." 
    "Say what you want, but that's what happened."
    'Insanity must run in the family then,' I thought to myself. 
    "Look, either we can go see Morgoon, or we can go around willy-nilly trying to find clues to something that may not even exist. We're smugglers. We may be Nobles now but once a smuggler, always a smuggler. Since we stopped working together, he's been places I may not have. He may have heard or seen something at some point. Probably not, but it could be our best shot."
    "Fine, I'll inform my group and we can leave." I stood and started towards the door.
    "Hold on...group? You have a group?"
    "Yes, the five you shut out of the room."
    "The ones that are dressed too brightly to be at a tavern?"
    "Yes..." I sighed. "It's just how they appear to people."
    "The hell's that supposed to mean?"
    "They aren't human."
    "Great," he said sarcastically.
    We went out of the room and to my surprise, Musona was standing up on the bar table dancing. Sparke was playing an accordion, Wendle a guitar, Reeses played piano, and Sweetpea was playing drums. They must have borrowed the real band's instruments. The people stood around them, clapping along and cheering.

     They didn't respond. "AHEM!" I cleared my throat louder but they were still just too loud to heard me.
    "We've got this," assured Freemon.
    He stepped up to the back crowd. He threw Wrenchy up over an arch with great force. It hit some wine glasses hanging up, slid across the piano keys, bounced off of the guitar, and then ricocheted off the drum set's cymbals back to Freemon, where he caught it perfectly in the air. The massive nonsense of sound it caused startled my friends and the crowd. 
    "What were you trying to say now, Henry?" He looked proud of himself standing with his arms crossed.
    "What? Oh yes! Group, we have our next destination." I hesitated a bit, I have to admit the accuracy of his throw awed me. I couldn't seem to be able to calculate how a human being would be able to use such an awkward tool in such a way without any sort of magic or powers.
    "Where are we going?" asked Wendle, helping Musona step down from the bar.
    "I'll explain on the way," I told them as I led them towards the exit. "We don't have the time for nonsense like dancing. You all know better."
    "You were in that room for a while with this guy- who seems to be following us. Henry, why is this strange guy coming with us?" Sweetpea stood blocking me outside the exit.
    "Believe it of not, this is actually Freemon." 
    My entire team stopped, speechless.
    "This guy, who was screaming at you about a wrench, is Freemon?" Wendle inquired.
    "Honestly, we should have known. Coming from Ashley, it's not that surprising." Reeses acknowledged.
    "You've got a point there," Wendle agreed.
    "Okay, so then, where are we going, Henry?" Sparke queried.
    "We're going...Where specifically are we going, Freemon? You haven't really told me. Where is Morgoon?"
    "Wait. Now we're looking for a Morgoon? Can we just think about this for a second," pondered Sweetpea.
    Reeses chimed in. "Morgan Freeman?"
    Sparke glanced over at Reeses. "Isn't that some famous guy in the Off world?"
    "What?" Freemon was very discombobulated.
    "It doesn't matter. Where is Morgoon?" I asked.
    "I believe he lives on the Eastern side of Saturious. I don't really go there much."
    "Then we're going to Saturious." 
    We took a train to Saturious. I explained what I could to my comrades along the way, Freemon correcting me from which I had "misinterpreted" something. A bit after the conversation, the others got up to explore the train. As fast as it was, there was still a while before we would arrive in Saturious. I decided to stay in our car. I need to think. I felt I was on a wild goose chase. I wished Dragorina could be there. I could already tell Freemon's unpredictable personality would be very difficult to adapt to. I knew I would have to cope with him for a while, unfortunately for me. I then wondered for a while, how Dragorina ever comes across such allies. However, Dragorina is the Legend of power and protection. I was the Legend of wisdom and strategy. I needed more order. Dragorina had its own ways. It had plans for every situation it came upon, but they were more abstract and whimsical than my own. It was strange, both of us created for the same purpose, but we were so very different. I eventually came to the conclusion that whatever the reason was it had for feeling this being of utmost urgency, was right. Dragorina wouldn't send me off on a nonexistent mission. I would just have to make due with the situation.
    After some time of thinking to myself, Reeses returned. 
    "You look tense for someone supposedly meditating." He sat down if front of me. 
    " I'm still a bit unsure about this entire thing." 
    " Freemon said there isn't even any dragons left, yet we're looking for a dragon. It's all kind of strange."
    "What kind of imbalance could Ashley be worried about with a simple dragon?"
    "If you don't know, I don't know who would."
    " Ding. Please return to your seats, we will be arriving in Saturious City shortly. Ding." A computerized voice went over the intercom.
    "It will all be over with soon, I hope. The evil Pokémon won't be able to hold up forever. They won't thrive without the legendary versions of them to lead the weaker ones."
    Freemon then rushed in, throwing himself onto the cushion of the seat. "I freaking love these trains. They're more fun than a-"
I zoned him out again. However I wasn't meaning to this time. My nose twitched. Something was wrong.
    "SCRRREEEEEEEEE!" The train came to a sudden stop. Freemon rolled off the seat falling to the floor.
    "What the hell?" He pushed himself upright.
    "Ding. We apologize for our sudden stop. We will begin moving again as soon as possible. Ding."
    "Well that's just great," moaned Freemon, letting himself flop back onto the floor.
    "Come on Reeses. Let's see what happening." I got up. " And get up Freemon. I'm not leaving you here alone."
    "I'm not alone I have- wait- WRENCHY! WRRREEENNNCCHHYYYYYYY!" he panicked. "We have to find Wrenchy!"
    "Alright, calm down. We'll find it. But we need to find the others first."

    I stepped out of the space and looked around. It was quiet, except for the soft hum of the red light on at the end of the cart. The other lights were out. I looked around in other sections to see if the people were okay, but they were strangely empty.
    "Where did everyone go? There were people here when we were walking about earlier," Reeses spoke softly, trailing closely behind me.
    "What if Wrenchy vanished too?!" Freemon stressed.
    "We'll find it."
    We tip toed across the car to the next and then another. There wasn't a single soul in sight We reached the front. A shadowy figure stood at the control panel, not moving. 
    "Sir?" I put my hand on his shoulder. The figure collapsed in a puff of dust and the cloak fell with it. Something clanked inside as it fell.
    "Wrenchy!" Freemon pushed me to the side and sifted through the dust pulling out the object.
    Reeses had a perplexed look. "How did that get up here?" 
    "More importantly, this isn't just dust. This thing was one of those things. An evil Pokémon." I watched the dust dissipate. "But what took it out? The environment in here is more than perfect for it to survive."
   Freemon stood up. "Maybe one of your weird friends did it."
    I didn't respond. Instead, I crrouched down by the cloak, analysing. If one of my team mates had taken it out, then we would have ran into them on the way over. And yet... why did it only then fall? There was something missing to this puzzle, but because they were here, I know we were on the right trail.
    I got up."Come on."
    We stepped back into the car before us. Strangely enough, everything was... normal. The lights were on, people were laughing, having a good time. I looked back into engine and it was like we were on a different train than before! A conductor was in the other car, on his back on the floor messing around with the components, probably trying to fix it.
    "What the hell was that, Henry? If this is some kind of weird magic? Dimensional voodoo? I don't want anything to do with it." 
    "Quiet down, Freemon. I don't know what's going on." 
    "Ding. Thank you for your patience. Please return to your seats. We will begin moving shortly. Ding"
    "I guess we should head back. I'm getting some kind of Twilight Zone vibe of this thing and the sooner we get off, the better." Reeses started down the aisle.
    We got back to our car and found the others. I told them what had happened. Wendle explained how after train broke down, they came back to our seats but we were gone. They had not experienced anything we had. The lights didn't go out and people didn't disappear other than us. The only thing in common with our stories was that the train had broke down for a while. I didn't understand what had happened.
    We sat down and the train started back a few minutes later. We didn't have to sit much longer after than for us to arrive in Saturious City. We got off at the station.
    "So now that we are back on track-"
    Freemon snickered. I just rolled my eyes and continued.
    "Now that we are here let's find that brother of yours, shall we?"

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