Amnesia //Calum Hood Fanfic

Michael has a little sister named Chelsea. He left her to go on tour for 2 years. He didn't leave a note or even say goodbye. He just left. On the other hand Chelsea has gotten bullied ever since he left but still managed to get new friends. One day at lunch Michael comes bursting into the schools lunch and quickly gives Chelsea a hug. Will Chelsea remember? Read Amnesia to find out


3. Chapter 2- Meeting Ashton

Chelsea's P.O.V:

The rest of the day at school was a bore, but I managed to get through it. I was currently in science class waiting for the bell to ring to go home.

The sound of a bell ( finally) snapped me out of my thoughts. I quickly grabbed my stuff and headed towards the school doors to head home.

I started walking on the concrete to my house since it was only 3 blocks away from the school. I plugged in my earphones and hit shuffle on my playlist. Suddenly as I was putting on my earphones when I heard someone screaming my name behind me. I quickly turned around and saw Calum, Luke, Michael and one other dude.

They came running up to me. "Hey Chels" Calum exclaimed as he came up to me breathing heavily. I looked at him and arched my eyebrow confused as to why he would call me "Chels" "Chels?" I asked.

"What oh yeah I j-just thought that would be a c-c- cute nickname for you." Calum said as he blushed at the ground.

I myself would be lying if I said I didn't blush as we'll

"Hey look guys there both blushing" the one with curly hair said.

He then came up to me and Calum and put his arms around our shoulders like if he was drunk and needed support to walk.

"Ah I think we're going to be good friends" curly said. (AKA Ashton)

"You know I barely know you right?" I said while taking his hand off my shoulders and turning around to continue my journey home.

As I was going to step on the ground a hand came in contact with my hand pulling me back and turning back around.

As I turned around I looked to see who had held my hand. It was ... Calum.

Calum noticed and quickly took his hand away from mine.

"We'll let me introduce myself" Curly said.

"I am Ashton Fletcher Irwin" he said while extending his hand out.

I gladly accepted and was about to say my name when a hand came over my mouth.

" I know who you are you are Michael's younger sister and Michael only has 1 sister so that makes you Chelsea Clifford."

I just nodded

"Hey can we come over to your house and just chill?" Calum asked me

" No" I said back quickly.

"Why?" Michael asked

"Because I have friends coming over today"

Oh okay we'll we can hang out at Calum's house ,right?" Luke asked Calum

" You know it" Calum said

And just like that we parted home and once again I began my journey home to see my friends.

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