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Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Blurryface. Blurryface. Blurryface.


13. And So He Did

Despite Josh's promise to keep Tyler safe, Blurry was always finding a way to torture Tyler. The dark haired boy was filing his divorce from Jenna, and needless to say, he was getting more stressed with this added burden. After the incident, he had decided he would marry Josh, whom he truly loved. There were times when he questioned if Josh really loved him, though, because how could he with Tyler and his horrible mental disorder? Josh would tell Tyler that he loved him despite his mental illness, and that was the truth. Nothing could make him fall out of love with the beauty that was Tyler Joseph.

However, the time came again for Blurry to take over.

Tyler was alone on the tour bus, they were just leaving from their last stop on the Emøtiønal Røadshøw, and Josh had stayed behind to meet some fans. They were stopped at a rest stop and Josh would be getting a ride there, although Tyler hadn't really wanted to go inside. He was just playing Mario cart and quietly chewing on an apple when it happened. 

He spat out the apple as his hands quickly began to turn black before his eyes. 

"No," He cried, "No, no!"

He stood, trembling violently as he began to pace, hoping he could fight the demon that was now turning his eyes a blazing red, his own thoughts beginning to become hazier as he bumped into the nearest wall. He stumbled back and squeezed his eyes shut. 

When he reopened them, it was not him who stood there but Blurryface. He skulked back to the couch where he sat back, admiring his smokey black hands and thinking how he couldn't wait to get his hands on Josh. But then he sat up and thought to himself, maybe he wouldn't have to kill Josh, after all. He had the power to manipulate Tyler, didn't he? He could make Tyler see things. Ah, yes, the plan was all coming into place now. He smiled before letting himself sink back into the depths of Tyler's head, letting Tyler regain control of his body.

Tyler woke in a shaking, uncanny mess, fingernails digging into his sweaty palms as he tried to catch his breath. He was lying on the couch, staring up at the ceiling, afraid to move, afraid of whatever he'd done.


Slowly, he stood up, glancing around nervously.

And then he saw it.

Or, well, what Blurry was making him see. 

The body of Josh Dun lay motionless on the ground, blood oozing from under his gray shirt and pooling out on the tiled floor. There were bruises on his neck and his arms, his mouth was hanging open and there was simply no movement in his chest. 

Tyler screamed. 

He ran to Josh, knees buckling as he knelt over him and he fell, fell onto his lifeless body and pressed his ear against his chest, praying, pleading for a heartbeat. When he heard nothing he screamed once more because this could not have happened, no, anything but this. Josh was his everything, even in the times when they were only friends, he could not be dead, he could not accept it. Yet here he was, dead on the floor in front of him and he wanted him back, he wanted him back so bad. But all he could do was scream, scream and cry for what felt like hours because it would never be the same, he would never be the same. For he had killed his true love, well, not entirely him, but he had in a way and he knew it, he was weeping like there would be no end. 

He stood slowly, hands shaking at the thought of how soon enough he would be in jail or at least in an asylum, he would live with this guilt, for I have taken a life, he thought, and I am broken now with no chance of being fixed, not one, but haven't I always been like this? There was a weight on his chest and a noise wished to come from his mouth, wished to spew out something with the same release as a scream, but the screaming wasn't helping. He was suddenly laughing and he realized that this is what he needed, all he needed, and he was laughing because it wasn't funny, it wasn't funny at all.

He made his way over to the kitchen counter, absently letting his hand slide over the cool metal of the sharpest blade he saw there, long and thick, too, his laughing subsided because this was the perfect weapon. 

He took it, and as he sat beside his gone lover, memories, oh so fond memories flashing before his eyes, mesmerizing him into a perfect oblivion, Josh laughing, the way his tongue pushed between his teeth when he smiled, the warm, honey brown eyes he loved so dearly, the way his lips felt, how his body felt close to his, and he knew this is all he needed, this is what he wanted, he wanted to go back so bad, but he couldn't. The roaring of a haze in his ears wouldn't stop, there were tears flowing avidly down his face, he wouldn't be at all surprised if there was actually a puddle beneath him. As he pressed the knife to his own neck, more Josh, Josh, Josh flying before his eyes he knew that this was where he wanted to go; I am coming soon, my love.

And so he did.

"Don't tell me... Don't tell me when you had that blade against your throat you were going to kill yourself."

It was a few moments later when the real Josh arrived.







The end. 








Stay alive |-/




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